Just a week ago, I ordered my standard Green Lemonade juice from Whole Foods (one of the few options we have in Atlanta for truly all-natural, raw juice) and said, “I love this, but I wish it was colder. They should do smoothies.”

Okay. I’m either a psychic or a blind idiot, but I had never seen signage for Whole Foods smoothies until last night. And I beelined over there like Lindsay Lohan to an open bar with complimentary facial filler. I checked out the menu and (probably too eagerly) ordered a Minty Green.

(As it turns out, smoothies have always been available, but some stores just started promoting them and there is a brand new menu.)

They use all fresh ingredients like the juices and add ice for chill and smoothie consistency. (As we all know, many seemingly “healthy” smoothie places use syrups *gag* and frozen fruit). You can add wheatgrass and other shots and boosts in there, too. Hello, hangover helper! And I’m going to need more info on the “Internal Flame” shot. I’ve always just used that term to describe my feelings for Channing Tatum.

If you want to cut sugar, stay away from the smoothies with the dates or say you don’t want ’em. Pineapple and banana are higher in sugar, too (but still good for you!); apples and berries are lowest.

*Through May 20, you’ll get $1 off your smoothie at Whole Foods in the Southeast.

Now go cop one, you smooth criminal.

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  1. I was just at Whole Foods today and wanted something refreshing and healthy, so I ordered a Peach Pear Apricot smoothie from their Cafe. The cafe wasn’t busy so I was able to watch exactly how it was made. Whoa was I surprised! He first filled up a full cup of ice, then he opened his refrigerator door and pulled out a bottle of concentrated juice. “It must be the juice base” I thought. He then poured about 2 fl oz of that juice into the blender, along with the full cup of ice, covered the blender, and blended it to make a complete smoothie and handed it to me.

    I just spent $4 on about 2oz of some concentrated juice mixed with ice? Granted the smoothie tasted good because it was very sweet and refreshing, but I thought Whole Foods had better quality food!!

    • Yikes! That doesn’t sound right! When I’ve gotten them, they’ve juiced the fruits/veggies right there. You should not have had to pay for that – so weird. Sorry to hear that!


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