I’m pretty sure I’m the official queen of intoxicated stupid injuries, and since I hadn’t had one since July, I decided Saturday night was high time to rack up another. Whilst dancing up a storm on a HIGH stage/speaker/platform of some sort at Atlanta’s newest and wildest nightclub, Rush (don’t ask), I decided it was time to get off (read: probably got asked to) and jumped off the platform like I could fly.

Did I yell “YOLO!” as I was soaring through the smoke- and laser-filled air?


Anyway, the second I hit the ground, I collapsed and knew I just seriously F’d up my left foot. I cabbed it home immediately, put a package of frozen tortillas on my injury, and fell asleep. The next morning, I awoke in serious pain (as in, almost fainted) and took myself to Doctors Express (which was amazing, by the way). The doctor said it didn’t look good and might actually be broken, but after she checked out the X-rays, she came into my room with, “Good news, Coyote Ugly, it’s not broken.”

Turns out it was just a really bad sprain and I was given this sexy “post op shoe” to wear for the next few weeks.

Well that’s no fun. I decided to Witty + Pretty this situation and gussy it up a bit.

So there you have it, ladies (and gents). Forget about riding boots and hot heels. This is fall’s must-have footwear. Because you only live once.


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