TGIF, ladies and gents. Here at Witty + Pretty HQ, we’ve I’ve had a busy week and think it’s high time we put to-do lists and stress aside and feast our peepers on some sweet eye candy. Work schmerk. The weekend begins NOW.

1. Happy hour. What’s better than spiked cider? A spiked cider float.

2. Burgundy lips. The tried-and-true trifecta of trendy, sultry, and mysterious. Check out Lucky Mag’s top picks and paint the town (and your lips) red this weekend.

3. Husky puppies. I can’t even…

4. Locks to love.
Quite possibly the most lust-worthy hair I’ve ever seen in my entire life (courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff’s Pinterest board). And the best sunglasses ever. And a badass leather jacket. And I have a #GirlCrush.

5. Joe Manganiello with the “I’m going to rip your clothes off right now” look in his eyes. It’s like, not even fair.

And with that, I’ll leave you two alone.


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  1. That burgundy lip is everything!!! I know what I’m on the hunt for now… The perfect color red lipstick!!!! LOL

  2. NOT EVEN FAIR. That image of Joe will be in my head all day. So thank you for that.


    The Fashion Lush


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