Disclaimer: If you don’t have an iPhone, therefore don’t have Emoji, step away from the computer as this post will only upset you. As for the rest of you who are inserting smiling piles of sh*t, two dancing girls, cats, camels, trophies, fried shrimp, and ambulances into your daily textchanges, watch this incredible video:

I mean…I could barely laugh the first time I watched it because I was in such awe of it’s amazingness and spot-on depiction of girl convos. If you’re anything like me, you’ll watch it six more times today.

This got me pondering: What does a person’s most recently used Emojis say about them? I took a look at my own…
photo (14)
…and it became clear.

emojiOr something like that.

What do yours say about you?


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