Happy almost-holiday, leprechaun lovers! I’m heading to Charleston this weekend for my college bestie’s 30th (and one helluva St. Patty’s street party on Sullivan’s Island), so I’m reposting the guest blog I did on my BFF (blogger friend forever) Becky’s rad site, The Pumpkin Spot, because I have more pressing matters at the moment than coming up with new content (like taking Irish car bombs).

Since this holiday involves a wardrobe color scheme, hours of day-drinking, making new friends, and the potential for a raging hangover, you need to be prepared. Presenting the official….

st. patty's

1. Clothing + Accessories: The options for an emerald ensemble are endless, especially because the happy hue is the COLOR OF THE YEAR. But you don’t want to look like a leprechaun (no offense to the little people), so choose where you don your green carefully. If it’s warm, I say go maxi dress like this perfect Michael Stars hi-low frock I’m obsessing over. But for chillier temps, I love a Henley on a lady like the Abercrombie one above (if you graduated from A&F in college, try this Alternative Apparel option) with skinny jeans and boots or boyfriend jeans and sandals. A scarf like the $30 J. Crew infinity one above  is a must and a great way to get your green in, as are cool Wayfarers (check Urban Outfitters for cheaper options). And of course, you’re going to need a place to stash your cell phone (so you can drunk text/sext after a few beverages), lip gloss, cards, and other necessities, so why not get in the sudsy spirit with a beer purse? Balenciaga, you got nothin’ on this…

2. Nails: What better day to have spirit fingers than a holiday known for its fresh color palette? I love Essie’s Mojito Madness almost as much as I love actual mojitos (keyword: ALMOST), and when you paint on the Luxeffects sparkly topcoat in As Gold As It Gets, you have nails that would make gold diggers green with envy.

3. Footwear: Ladies, it’s going to be a long day and alcohol is involved (read: save the heels for another occasion). Havaianas has debuted an exclusive, slim flip-flop with a four-leaf clover on each strap that will bring you luck all through spring and summer. And if you think “cute flats” is an oxymoron, check out these stylish, color-blocked Tahari gems.

4. Flirting: “Call Me Maybe” may be so-last-year, but I think we can all agree that we still love it (a lot). Carry this GREEN J. Crew notepad around with you, and when you’re feeling lucky, drop your digits on a piece of paper the old-school way. This is crazy…

5. Recovery: Chug a ton of water before you go to bed (like, until you almost get sick), then wake up and pump some nutrients into your system via healthy  juice. I dig Naked’s Green Machine, but if you have access to a Whole Foods, belly up to the juice bar and get yourself a real pick-me-up (mmmm, kale…). And don’t forget, there’s always the Irish way of recovery (read: wake up and keep drinking).

You’ll get through this.


For more green goods, check out Becky’s post on Witty + Pretty!

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