Let me be clear that Sex and the City is my favorite show of all time. But the reason I like Girls is that it’s NOT Sex and the City. It’s dark (and depressing at times) and makes me feel awkward and weird, but still makes me laugh out loud when I’m least expecting it.

But last night, the season ended with a typical rom-com, “boy rescues girl” scene in which Adam raced through the streets of NYC shirtless (and possibly shoeless) to break down Hannah’s door (seriously, she needs a new deadbolt if her door is that easy to bust open), pick her up child-style, and proceed to say some bullshit line like “I’ve always been here.”

What the F*CK, Girls!? Are Hannah and Adam the new Carrie and Big? What is this?! And at least Carrie would have finished her column and snagged a new pair of Manolos before Big came along and scooped her like a baby, showering her with kisses and sweet nothings. Hannah wrote exactly one sentence for her e-book and had just let a crackhead chop her hair. I would have loved to see her do something productive to round out the season rather than a reunion with her creepy ex. The whole thing was just a new level of depression and disappointment.

And on top of that, Marnie (aka The Biggest C-Word on Television) got her ex back who is now hotter, rich, and way better at oral sex. And this was AFTER she literally smacked him in the head while he was going down on her, demanding to know how many people he’d slept with since they’d broken up, made a pathetic assumption about them being “settled down” over brunch, then stormed out of the restaurant when he didn’t say exactly what she wanted to hear. But I do have to say, her hair looked fab.

The best part of the entire episode was when Adam’s new (and now ex-) girlfriend calmly and confidently told him, “I can like your c*ck and not be a dirty whore. Do you understand?” whilst they were doing it.

Here’s to Season 3! I guess.


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