I love objects that vibrate.

Minds out of the gutters, pervs; I’m talking about the Clarisonic Opal, the revolutionary, palm-sized beauty contraption that infuses anti-aging serum into your delicate (read: wrinkle-prone) eye area way better than your bare hands “by gently tapping the skin at 125 sonic movements per second.” This “sonic infusion” technology “hydrates, firms, tightens, and protects your skin from future damage,” and the first time I used it, I certainly noticed it plumping up my fine lines, minimizing wrinkles, and making me look more refreshed and awake (HELLO, hangover helper!). You can also infuse your forehead (I’m a big fan of treating this region), lip, and brow areas AND you can use any serum, although the sea serum it comes with is pretty solid. And of course, you’ll get the best results when also using a Clarisonic brush (review here) to completely clean your skin before Opal’ing. Bottom line: I’m extremely critical of anti-aging products and treatments (and am even more impatient when it comes to seeing results) and this is the one thing I now swear by. (And it’s not just because it vibrates.)

Here’s a quick pic tutorial.

On clean, dry skin, pump a small amount of serum into the concave applicator tip. For just the tip, one pump should do it. Wait, what?

Photo on 3-20-13 at 6.10 PM #3

Turn the Opal on (it will stay on for 30 seconds) and apply around the eye area with a slow, circular motion (your handy pamphlet will show you the “safe zone”). Do 30 seconds on one eye, pump serum into the tip, then 30 seconds on the other.

Photo on 3-20-13 at 6.10 PM #6

Photo on 3-20-13 at 6.59 PM #3

Turn that bad boy on again and infuse any other areas of concern.

Photo on 3-20-13 at 6.11 PM #5


Photo on 3-20-13 at 6.11 PM #9

And try not to hurt yourself.

Photo on 3-20-13 at 7.07 PMThat is NOT the safe zone.

After you apply the serum, I recommend letting it sink in for a minute or two, then you’re free to slap on your moisturizer and continue with your normal face routine.

Witty + Pretty is offering a web special right now where you’ll receive the entire system (Opal, serum, two replacement applicator tips, charger), plus free engraving (hey, why not?), and FREE shipping for $185. Click this link, then click on the Opal Sonic Infusion:

Clarisonic Skin Care Web exclusive: Engraving, Free Shipping & Gift.

You’re going to love the big O.


For a review on the Clarisonic cleansing system, click HERE!

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  1. I think I should be the one picked to WIN one of these fabulous No-slip headbands. I am a single mom, on the run, handle all the Marketing for Park Tavern in Piedmont Park, juggle the owners 3 boys when needed, have a dog, live vicariously through people like you and still try to have a life. Needless to say there are a few pony tail, headband, and dry shampoo days in my life.


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