WTF, Southeast? It’s late(ish) March and we’re dealing with 40-degree temps?! No sir. Not ok. As for you folks in even colder climates like NYC, Chicago, Russia (I do have seven readers there. BOOM.), I feel for you, too. Let’s all vent together about the things we CAN’T do in this weather, because guess what? I’m feeling bitchy today.

1. No L*Space fringe bikinis for us (unless we’re doing the Polar Bear Plunge).

l space

(PS, South Moon Under is offering 15% off these lovelies right now.)

2. Patio drinking? FORGET ABOUT IT.

patio girls (1)
3. Instead of this:
Loving-Couple-Near-BeachIt’s THIS:
4. What’s the point of getting a pedi?
You can’t wear your AMAZING new sandals.
cole haan(That’s the Cole Haan Paley High Wedge in ‘poolside’ snake print and I’m lusting for it so hardcore.)

5. And instead of THIS kind of spring break:
beachWe have to settle for THIS:
Lord, help us.

Here’s to spring weather showing up SOON.


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  1. YES.

    And WTF is going on, James Franco?? Why are you RUINGING your career with this trash?
    At least some places still have heaters on their patios…. sigh.

  2. Thanks for the Cole Haan shout out on the super fun Paley High Wedge, appreciate the love/lust!


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