Okay, I couldn’t resist that joke, but I DID get a new area rug and I’m still in that “Does this look totally awesome or really stupid?” decision mode, although I think I’m leaning toward the former. It all went down on Saturday when I was leaning over my back porch with my old rug, shaking out the embedded hair from my Chewbacca-esque dog and I got so annoyed, I let the rug drop to the ground, promptly walked downstairs and threw it in the dumpster, and drove my ass to IKEA bumping the new JT (duh).

Let me just say that when you go to IKEA with a mission to buy only one thing and NOT leisurely stroll with a significant other through the showroom and/or eat Swedish meatballs in the food court, it is HELL ON EARTH. I was weaving in and out, passing people on the left, getting cut off by strollers, and was about to grab the nearest $2.79 knife and slit my wrists when I finally made it to the rug room. #PraiseJesus. I wanted something cheap (because I know Chewbacca Dewey will probably ruin it within the year), and decided to go colorful instead of neutral like my former floor treatment.


photo (16)

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I like to think of it as…abstract. And for $40, it certainly covers the floor whilst brightening up my living room; so if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to jazz up a space, consider a funky rug from The Land of Slow Walkers and Swedish Meatballs.

And yes, my coffee tables books are about sex and booze. Would you expect anything less?


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