OMG. Remember HOW BADLY you wanted Hard Candy nail polish in every color!? Because not only was it featured in like, every cool mag, but celebs like Alicia Silverstone totally wore it, and the names were so EDGY (Vinyl, TRASH, Bubble Gum, Sky).
hard-candy-vintage-nail-polishThose were the days. Now we have Essie, OPI, Butter London, Deborah Lippmann, and so many more quality polishes in every color of the rainbow, but I’ll never forget those days when I was begging my mom for a ride to the mall to pick up some Hard Candy nail polish and earrings from Claire’s.

Just FYI, Hard Candy has made a resurgence and there’s actually whole makeup line sold at Walmart. But let’s be honest…we’re not going there.
cherHappy #TBT, Betties!


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