Urban Decay is one of my most beloved beauty brands and they have been hyping up their new Revolution lipstick ($22) like it’s the latest Jay-Z album, throwing around bold lingo like “badass” (every other word), “insane,” “intense,” and “superior.” Obviously, I had to get my hands on these tubes that claim to be creamy, long-lasting, hydrating, nourishing, and all-around BADASS luxury.

And they did not disappoint. The pigments are majorly rich and the formula goes on SO smoothly and lasts for hours. I put mine on at 6:30 p.m. last night and it stayed put (and looking fresh!) until midnight (Disclaimer: I had some snacks and multiple drinks, but no grubbing of lipstick killers like pizza, pasta, sandwiches, or the like). And get this: UD has done us the service of pairing all the Revolution shades with their new, matching 24/7 Glide-On lip pencils ($19), and they advise filling in your lips completely with the pencil first, then slicking on the lipstick for extra BADASSness and staying power. That totally works, but sometimes (especially with red), I do lipstick then liner (for more on those tips, click here). Plus, these bad boys have edgy names like F-bomb, 69, Catfight, and Manic. What’s next–blowjob? (I probably wouldn’t buy that one, though.)

I wanted to test drive a SUPERIOR nude lip, so I went with this combo…

UD naked
nude lipsFor a natural, glossy  kisser with just enough color so you don’t look washed out, this is PERFECTION.

And now for the BADASS bold lip…

UD red

red lipsI mean, with names like 69 and F-bomb, this combo better be good. And…I am officially obsessed. Friends, I’ve tried a lot of lipsticks in my life, and I’m going to go on record and say that this UD hue is my favorite. Look at me, making crazy statements just like them!

And remember, red lipstick = WHITER TEETH.
red smile#MyTeethArentThatWhite

Ok, now I’m feeling uncomfortable with all of serious, close-up photos of myself and need to break the tension with a pic from my awkward years.
llamaThat’s better.

The final thing I’ll rave about with these lipsticks is the BADASS case–a textured, mirrored metal that has the luxury look and feel of Chanel/YSL/etc. that you’ll love having in your bag. And lastly, if you’re thinking of purchasing from UD’s site, here are some promotions, including free shipping on any Revolution product through September 15.

And that’s not lip service.


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  1. How Llama-riffic of you! LOVE that.

    Urban Decay’s Naked2 palette is my staple for eye color. Next Sephora trip I’ll check these out!


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