Oh, the Target blackout: When you walk into the beloved department store for one thing and the next thing you know, you’ve dropped at least a hundy and are walking out in a confused daze with red and white bags full of clothing, body wash, and jars of dark chocolate peanut butter (oh yes, that’s a thing). This happened recently, but I truly did stock up on wardrobe staples and had no buyers remorse, so I have to spread the good word. Grab a spoonful of chocolate peanut butter and read on…

target essentials

Note: Ignore the “Juniors” title on some of these items’ online descriptions. All this stuff is found in the women’s section (is there even a “Juniors” section?), but for some reason, the website wants to throw that term in front of everything. (If it’s to make us feel old, it’s working.)

1. Champion Cotton Racer Bra ($10): I probably wouldn’t do jumping jacks in this sports bra because it doesn’t give the most support, but it’s perfect for a yoga or barre class, is super cute and comfy, gives your lovely lady lumps great shape (and some decent cleav), plus I love the skinny straps. Not to mention all the lovely colors.

2. Xhilaration socks ($1.50 per pair): I had major sock envy when I spotted these colorful cuties on the feet of Flybarre/Flywheel instructors Cara and Kelsey, so when they confessed they were Target specials, I knew I’d need to stock up (especially since I lose socks like it’s my job). If I’m going on a long run, I’d probably wear my fancy “high-performance” socks, but for anything else (spinning, CrossFit, etc.), these do the trick and are surprisingly sweat-wicking. And you can’t beat that price.

3. Xhilaration Perfect Lace Bralette ($12-$15):  This is one of my favorite discoveries of all time. I own five of these bralettes and ever since I found them, my other brassieres have been feeling seriously neglected. If you’re #blessed with double Ds, they may not be large enough for you, but they do offer decent support—AND are sans underwire, so they’re very comfy. They’re so pretty, you’ll want to show them off (I’m a big fan of the subtle bra show), and at $12-$15, they’re a major steal because they look like pricier pieces. My girlfriends and I all agree they could pass for $50 Cosabella bras.

4. Mossimo Textured V-neck tee ($10): In the store, you may see these called “boyfriend tees” and that they are (definitely comparable to Alternative Apparel tees that sell for $30.) I bought this textured style in a large and love the casual, boyfriend-y look it completes with jeans or jean shorts, and snagged a medium for a fitted, more girly/sexy look. Also, the burnout tee is a winner (and another Alternative knockoff).

5. Xhilaration Sheer Equipment Top ($23): Plaid = down-to-earth and casual. Sheer = subtle sexiness. In the words of Stefan, “This. Shirt. Has. Everything.” Pair it with skinny jeans and boots/heels and you have a fab fall date outfit. And the lace bralette under it (duh).

6. FEED Hoodie ($25): Cozy hoodies are a staple, and I’m digging this one for the reddish-pink color and burnout texture, FEED logo on the hood (how edgy!), and the fact that purchasing this item provides approximately 20 meals for children and families across America.

It’s a blackout you’ll feel good about.


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  1. Thank you!!! I am in desperate need of bras and I don’t require a whole lot of support (A cup, sshhhh). I’m heading there tomorrow!

    • Hey Debi… did you get this shopping done? If you’re a member of PINK Nation (and like their offerings) there’s a promo out now for a lace bralette for $10 and a free panty. Ends Tuesday!

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