Our dude contributor Trey (aka Tough Love Tom) told me he was heading to the waxing salon (for his back, brows, b-hole, who knows) and asked if I wanted to do lunch after. Big mistake. Instead of meeting him for sandwiches and girl talk, I busted up in the salon with my video camera during his appointment and decided to mess shake things up a bit.

Special thanks to Sweet Peach for letting us make this disaster of a video. I think they’ll DEFINITELY be seeing a trend in this type of treatment….


  1. Melissa says:

    Is it sadistic of me that I’m sad he chickened out on the Brazilian?? Still lol-ing anyway!

  2. Marlena says:

    ROFL! He looked scared shitless when he first arrived!

    Where is this place at? Need to go for pre-wedding. Do I get a discount if I mention “witty and pretty”?




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