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When I’m wrong, I admit it. And last week, when I tweeted this…I was sadly mistaken.

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I take it back. And sorry to everyone I called a dummy.

The Kanye/Kimmel feud was not a publicity stunt because, as you know if you watched their interview last night, KANYE DOESN’T DO PUBLICITY STUNTS (except Kim Kardashian).

His 90830192839123123-minute long interview not only took up the whole damn show so they had to bump Arctic Monkeys performing (and Matt Damon), but it was absolutely ri-Goddamn-diculous. I’m even more convinced that YEJUS (or whatever he calls himself) is officially the world’s biggest narcissist, but there is a nice blend of manic, delusional psychopath mixed in there as well.

But while I was watching, something baffled me so much I wasn’t even sure if I heard it accurately. And I had forgotten to set my DVR so I couldn’t rewind.

That was a lie. I don’t have DVR.

Anyway, he said, “For me, you know, I’m a creative genius, and there’s no other way to word it,” but after that came something even more mind-blowing….


You guys, when he started talking about helping the world, I was like, Ok, he’s going to tell us how he donates millions of dollars to starving children in Africa or tips the valet extra when they park his car up front. Or SOMETHING. But no. Gucci mother effing slippers. I know you’re probably thinking that those were two separate thoughts, but watch the interview and you’ll see he transitions right from his philanthropic, help-the-world nature into a diatribe and how he bought Gucci slippers before there was H&M and Zara because he likes “cool stuff.” I can’t even.

As for him comparing Kim K. to Muhammad Ali, that’s a meme for another day (and I know JUST the photo I’d use…)



  1. Marlena says:

    He makes me sick. smh… Shame, shame. Disgusted. He is a materialistic jerk who only loves himself. What a loser. He has helped no one on Earth but his self and it really makes me sad. Talk yourself up Kanye! Keep on going! We know where you are going in the end. We know. I could go on and on and on…

    1. Lori Beth Green says:

      I wanna look back and see what I left with on this Earth…hmmm, okay- so Gucci slippers. Thanks.

  2. Jaclyn says:

    O.M.G. I would not have been able to watch that entire interview! How delusional is he?! And why was the audience cheering?!!

  3. Meg Williams says:

    diary of an angry black man! a long, long diary. in gucci leather.

  4. ester says:

    he’s a fuggin id.

  5. Jenny Busing says:

    I think Kanye and Miss South Carolina should co-host a show entitled “Continuous Conciousness that will make you want to be Unconcious”


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