Hey guys, guess what? It’s cold outside. Thank goodness for all those people who updated their statuses about the weather; if it weren’t for them, I’d be running around in jorts today. I would actually post a picture of the amazing vintage, high-waisted leopard jeans that I AM rockin’ today but A) I’d be selfie-ing (you know that won’t fly) and B) PETA might get pissed.

Now that the cold has OFFICIALLY moved in on us here in Georgia, and presumably across the US (I’ll have to check Facebook to confirm), I feel the need to teach a little What Not To Wear lesson.

I was “up north” a couple weeks ago (that’s something I say once every ten years) and it was cold as all get out in Pennsylvania. I looked around, and I says to myself, people must think that these football-y sweatshirts are not only the most awesome cold-weather option but also…the most stylish?



Yeah…don’t ask me. Apparently, somewhere, at some point in time, some idiot (slash industry genius) said that it would be super convenient and cute(?) for every man, woman, and child to wear the exact same thing every time it’s below 55 degrees. And they all look like fools for it. I’m sorry (no I’m not): I have to lay down the law on this one. It’s as if there isn’t (perhaps there aren’t?) any retailers who sell anything other than denim, Uggs, and these gems:


I mean…
Here are some not-so-difficult layering options for the cold-as-balls weather.

1. Flannel to keep your limbs nice and toasty + a fur vest to keep the core warm #ForTheWin. Add a skinny pant, and feel free to wear boots and wool socks if it’s extra chilly and/or sneakers aren’t your thang.

W+P Layers 1

2. A lined leather jacket is incredibly warm
(and a great investment), and you can still wear a flattering, feminine blouse underneath to look stylish and sexy with the jacket on AND off. A creamy white knit hat and soft scarf are finishing touches for your winter wonderful (and practical) ensemble.

W+P Layers2

Oh, and you’ll also resemble this chick (whoever she is):

3. Gettin’ snazzy for a date (or whatever)? 
The cost of cashmere may sit heavy on your credit card for a while, but it is worth every penny for the thin, super warm, and cozy layer that sits perfectly over a sparkly party dress. Badass-but-ladylike leather gloves are a no brainer.

W+P Layers3

So next time you are tempted to put on a God-awful football hoodie or the equivalent, reduce the bulk and puff, reassess your options, and re(a)dress yourself. And of course I realize there are some ridiculously cold climates where you have to wear a parka (or else get hypothermia), but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style underneath.

Stay warm out there!

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