We’ve said sayonara to sandals and are embracing cute boots…but what does that mean for our pedicures? If you’ve ever put on shoes and socks after thinking your polish is dry (when it’s not), you know it sucks to waste an hour (and $20 or more) only to end up with smeared toes.

So what’s a gal to do when the weather changes? Wear these?


Yeah right.

Here’s how to stay smudge-free:

4. If you’re home polishing, use a fast-dry topcoat like Seche Vite (the best, duh).

3. To be 100 percent safe, wait 6 to 8 hours before slipping into socks and shoes. Otherwise, the layers underneath may not be completely dry and you’re at risk for smearing.

2. If you must put on closed-toe footwear (let’s be honest–8 hours in flip-flops in the winter isn’t exactly realistic), dab a little bit of oil (cuticle oil, olive oil, whatever) on each nail and cover them with plastic (like a sandwich bag) before putting on those Uggs/Fryes/Nikes.

BUT the only way to be completely, confidently smudge-free is…

1. The gel pedicure, which we’re loving at Buff. Instant drying, majorly long-wearing color, and you can slip on your boots immediately and head back out into the world. Genius.

Most people only think about gel manicures, but gel pedicures are the secret weapon of all on-the-go ladies during the winter.


You already have to endure the elements. You shouldn’t have to fret about F’d up feet, too.

*Gel pedicure $45 available at Buff. Photo courtesy of CND Shellac. 

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