I feel so very #blessed I have not encountered a hair salon that charges EXTRA for a blowdry on top of cut and/or color.

Because that is just
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It’s a douche move. I’m assuming it’s snobby/pricey salons that are doing this in the first place, which means you’re already spending $309439405839045 on cut/color, then they expect you to drop more dough just to walk out with dry hair? Or even more insulting, you can DRY IT YOURSELF!? (Rumor has it, that’s an option you are graced with at Bumble & Bumble in NYC.) If my hairstylist told me I could dry my hair myself, I would flip his chair and walk out.

I was so elated to see that Allure voiced its feelings on the matter in this month’s issue:
PREACH, girl. I also appreciated the vodka tonic reference because it put things into better perspective for me.

I asked if ladies had experienced this on the Witty + Pretty Facebook page and got lots of feedback, from “What!? That’s ridiculous!” to “Yes, an extra $45!” to “Yep. And guess who doesn’t go back to those salons?”

I also hear that Supercuts charges extra for blowdrys, but when you’re charging $12 for a haircut, I guess you can tack on extra expenses, Spirit Airlines-style. They probably charge you for looking at their magazines, too. “Oh, you read half of the Cosmo article ’16 Sex Positions That Will Give You Flat Abs’? That will be $4.75.”

(PS, are there sex positions that will give you flat abs?)

So to all you salons charging extra to dry your customers’ hair: Stop being douchebags. If not charging extra for blowdrying is SUCKING YOUR BUSINESS DRY (we know it’s not), then charge a little extra for cuts/color if need be (but don’t get crazy).


Featured photo from Allure.com.

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