Friends, as you may know, I was the DailyCandy Atlanta editor for 3+ years, and the website is closing its Internet doors today. It’s truly the end of an era as DailyCandy was actually everything when it came to fresh, female, quality content for a whopping 14 years.

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from people saying DailyCandy “was the only email I ever opened” and it helped them decide where to brunch, which wedding photographer to hire, where to get the best spray tan/bikini wax/blowout, find the best sample sales, and plan their weekend with the beloved Weekend Guide. With this city insider being gone, I feel it’s my civic duty to try to make up for it in some way. I’m not trying to be what DailyCandy was (I doubt they ever published a full article on stupid selfies), but just offering some of my favorite things in the city and cool events/happenings with a healthy dose of funny (hopefully). I’m planning to do this once a week and see how it goes and am open to feedback, of course. You will be able to find all this Atlanta-specific content on the Atlanta tab at the top of the site.

So here is…The A List by Witty + Pretty.


Sweet Peach Buckhead
Beach/bikini season is almost here, and you know what that means. The guys are putting in two-a-days at the gym, chugging protein shakes, and working on their mirror selfie game, while the ladies are taking expensive fitness classes and eating Whole Foods out of house and kale. But your 6-pack and toned delts (what are delts?) don’t matter if you’re a hairy beast. Sweet Peach Wax & Sugaring Studio is seriously THE BEST in Atlanta for hair removal, and the new location in Buckhead is a beaut:
IMG_3358IMG_3374I get the sugaring treatment below the belt (everything you need to know about sugaring here), and I love the body scrubs that make your skin feel soft as Blue Ivy’s booty. But Sweet Peach treats many a fella, too. Guys, listen to me: Chest hair is one thing (I’m down with it), but a full-blown Yeti on your back is quite another. Unless you have a lady that likes to run her fingers through your back hair (newsflash: you don’t), take care of that shit. And they manscape, too (remember Trey’s special body wax?). Lastly, mention Witty + Pretty for $10 off at the Buckhead location only through May 31.

Flip Burger Boutique Poncey-Highlands Patio
Good Lord, we’ve been eyeing this rooftop patio for what, 17 years now? Ok, I’m exaggerating. But still–that thing has been the neighborhood’s biggest tease forever, even when it was a gourmet hot dog restaurant (that worked well). But it’s finally open so you can go  scarf a chorizo burger and suck down a Nutella milkshake (or just vodka) whilst overlooking Highland Avenue and maybe even a little corner of that halfway house on Ponce.
flip burger patio poncey highlandsPhoto by 360 Media

Our mayor is having a shotgun wedding. That’s right, good ol’ Kasim Reed knocked his lady up and now he’s proposing in order to set a good example for Atlanta’s youth. Kasim stated, “I could not feel more blessed that she agreed to marry me,” because he has not yet gotten the memo that you have to say “hashtag blessed.” I wonder if his now-fiance bought him that Lacoste jacket he paraded all over town during Snowpocalypse Part 1 in an attempt to look like he was out in the catastrophic trenches instead of just doing TV interviews while people were having babies in their cars and taking dumps on the side of the road.
kasim reed lacoste jacketBut I digress. Happy engagement, you two.

BeltLine Boil: This inaugural event on Saturday and Sunday involves Low Country boil, lots of alcohol (hello, Bloody Mary bar!?), awesome live music, and it’s taking place at the Fourth Ward Skate Park which is literally my back yard. Best event ever? YUP. Am I out of town. YUP. FML, go have fun without me (although I will be at the beach, #humblebrag). I’ll leave a key if you want to use my bathroom put away my laundry.

30 Artists in 30 Days: So, all month long, 30 badass artists have been creating pieces LIVE in Sam Flax for anyone to come see. This Saturday night, their works will go up for auction at a super-cool event to benefit One Love Generation, an incredible nonprofit that empowers youth to inspire positive change through art, service, and awareness. I’ve seen some of the pieces and they are amazing. Go get one so you can replace that IKEA framer above your couch.
30 artists 30 days

John Caparulo: This guy is a regular on the Chelsea Lately roundtable and he looks like he doesn’t bathe much and eats chicken wings for every meal. In other words: A great comedian. Go see him and his cartoonish voice at The Atlanta Improv this weekend.

This week’s winner for the best social media goes to my friend Jay Winter AKA TJ Maxx AKA Mayor of Ponce AKA Freddie Prinze Jr. (What happened to that guy anyway?) This adventurous fella’ trekked up to Cobb County midday Tuesday for a “Braves County” bar crawl and kept us all entertained on Facebook while we wondered, Does that guy ever work? He fell in love at Hooters, went to Applebee’s, got wine drunk at Olive Garden, and more. Lucky for us, he recapped the entire experience. Chop chop, y’all.
jay hooters

Until next week…

Hess (as my Atlantans know me)

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