Not only is it Easter weekend, but it’s #FlashbackFriday, so I wanted to grace you guys with this gem of my brother and me.
easter bunny photo
Easter must have also fallen on 4.20 back in 1990 because that bunny is clearly stoned.

Before we jump into the weekend agenda, let’s take a look at the…

biden obama selfie

Mic. Fucking. Drop.

That’s right, Joe and his dazzling shit-eating grin (I love it, though) are on Instagram and his handle is @VP like a BOSS. I also like how he signed it (such an old person move).

And now the freaking weekend…

Steeplechase is this Saturday. It’s a horse race (I think). The last time I went to a horse race was in college and someone threw up (it may have been me). I will be there this weekend in a fancy schmancy “picnic box” courtesy of Celebrity Cruises drinking mimosas and acting like Beyonce at Coachella, so message me if you attend and we’ll go cheer on Seabiscuit together (he’ll be there, right?). Also, if you’re going, get a Fur Bus instead of a DUI.

I hope there’s food in the picnic box.
fat horse


If you don’t get trampled/roofied at the horse race, make it to this doozy on Saturday night. It’s a launch for a website called Iceman Sports (I’m assuming that’s the male version of Witty + Pretty with less selfies) as well as a date auction slash Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser. That means if you can’t get a hot ass Buckhead lady or gent to go out with you for free, now you can purchase them with your black Amex red Visa and they will be forced to spend an evening with you. Not only do you get the person (this is starting to sound like the charity version of Taken), but they come with a rad date, too, like skydiving or swinging. What?

Two of my hot, blonde, local celebrity friends Nikky and Emily are up for auction as well as brunette beauty Kelly Chase; plus Atlanta’s most eligible bachelor Fred Smith will be in attendance (although not up for auction, so you can hit on him even if you’re broke). I am also attending and not up for auction, but I will take donations in vodka.

Fellas, here’s your future wife (and my life partner in crime) Nikky:
nikky williams date auction

Easter is a great excuse to praise Jesus (or celebrate 4.20) then go eat and drink the house down. Here are ten places doing delicious munchies brunches for your inner fat kids:
Saltyard (bottomless dranks, y’all)
Parish (best sausage in town + egg hunt at noon)
TWO Urban Licks (bocce + eggs hunts at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.)
South City Kitchen (Midtown and Vinings for you OTP folk)
Cakes & Ale (never not amazing)
Local Three (walk-the-kitchen buffet and roll out of there)
St. Cecilia (ricotta pancakes with strawberries #InYoBelly)
BLT Steak (crepes prepared tableside for the win)
Sun In My Belly (I love this place so hard and not just because it’s BYOB)
Folk Art (don’t click on these s’mores pancakes)

Who’s hungry now? In the meantime, get a load of this scholar:


God, I love that chick next to him. “Uh, can I solve?!”

Also…Wheel of Fortune is still on? How much Botox has Pat Sajak had? Is he still getting wasted? And where is Vana?

But does anyone think this might be a genius staged stunt to get people talking about Wheel of Fortune since no one has talked about the show in a decade? Hmmm….

Mull that over and I’ll see you by the cocktails this weekend.


Featured image from Sublime Doughnuts

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