My friend and favorite bartender (besides my brother) at the best bar/restaurant in the Universe (The Starboard in Dewey Beach) came out earlier this year and wrote a simple, heartfelt, humorous, perfect post on Facebook about it, which got nearly 1,000 likes (bet that’s more than any engagement/baby/new job/#blessed post you’ve seen in your newsfeed recently) and hundreds of positive comments because people are awesome. Dougie and I chatted briefly about it in Dewey last month while I was under the influence of a few (thousand) cocktails and he’s given me his blessing to share it. Maybe it will brighten your day, give you a courage boost to do something you’ve been hesitant about (confessing your love, asking for a raise, running a marathon, getting on Tinder), or inspire someone to come out.

dougie coming out facebook 1dougie coming out facebook 2
I just hope cousin Sheila doesn’t read this.

I know everyone doesn’t have such a positive experience coming out, but I’ve never heard someone say they’ve regretted it. Thank you Dougie Fresh for sharing your awesomeness.

And because y’all know I love inspirational quotes, I threw this gem together.

take the leap quote

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