I treat my nails like my wine preference: Dark in the winter, light in the summer. Sure, you can rock any nail color any time of year if you do it with confidence, but once chilly weather hits, I reach for those charcoals, hunter greens, blacks, and burgundies. Cajun Shrimp, you can hibernate until (at least) mid-March. I think there’s one legit month left to go full-on summertime white.

I have to admit, I JUST did my first white mani–-at the encouragement of a (straight) guy no less–-and I’m a believer. It makes your hands look tanner, pops in pictures (even with #NoFilter), and really shines with the right accessories. White nails + gold jewelry is nothing revolutionary, but I am newly obsessed.

Here are my mitts painted with Essie’s Blanc ($8 and available at most drug stores).
white nails and gold jewelry
Other solid options are OPI’s Alpine Snow (although I prefer Essie over OPI, if you have the choice), NARS Ecume, and Butter London’s Cotton Buds, although any opaque, matte white will do the trick (just make sure it’s not pearly).
pinterest nails(Photo Courtesy of Pinterest)

I’m not a fan of acrylics, but if you can pull ‘em off like this (and still text), then DO THE DAMN THING.
vavaba white nails(Photo Courtesy of @Vavaba Instagram)

And it even goes for the toes.
joanne white nails
(Photo Courtesy of @Joanne_111 Instagram)

So go white on the nails, get out your gold, and have fun staring at your hands.



*For tips on the perfect at-home mani, click HERE.

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