My brother texted me with a “hilarious” YouTube link and said “I cannot deal with it” and I was like, “Wait, he literally can’t even right now?” I had to watch.

Behold Chris D’elia (my #1 comic crush as of late) impersonate drunk girls with incredible accuracy.

I mean, HOW CAN HE BE THAT GOOD? That guy has dated a lot of trainwrecks normal white girls in his life. Although in an IRONIC TWIST, he doesn’t drink.

I watched a few other hilarious videos (flirting with Justin Bieber, for example) then looked up Chris’ Under No Influence tour happening right now and he’s COMING TO ATLANTA ON DECEMBER 6 at Center Stage, y’all (!!!). And it’s a Saturday night so you know what that means: Drunk girls galore. NYC friends, he’s coming to you on November 8; San Fran and LA pals, see him on December 11 and 13.

You do the math.

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