Staying hydrated is always in style (seriously, it’s like the #1 FREE AND EASY beauty trick), but these days you can make even more of a statement with all the fashionable and functional water bottles on the market. Say sayonara to the days of funk-tasting H2O due to cheap plastic, not to mention the the health risks of BPA (the chemical bisphenol-a found in plastics). EW!

water bottle

Bkr: This is still my personal favorite because I’m a glass bottle gal (should that be a song?). It’s covered in a silicone sleeve that comes in all the happy hues you can imagine, and it truly does protect it (yes, I’ve dropped it on the pavement). Bkrs are made of BPA-free, phthalate-free, FDA approved materials, and it also nabs the title for most beloved by celebs (ahem, like Gisele and Blake Lively). When I last blogged about them, they only came in 500mL, but now they come in a liter size in case you want to carry that beast around to practice for having a child. $30-$42 (In Atlanta, you can buy at Atlanta Activewear.)
gisele-bundchen3And only Gisele could wear LIGHT GRAY leggings (my nightmare) and still have phenomenal looking legs sans camel toe. Bitch.

S’well: I saw a friend with one of these gems recently and was like, EXCUSE ME WHAT IS THAT? S’well bottles are slim and sleek and made of non-leaching and non-toxic stainless steel that keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours (whaaa!?) and hot for 12. And they definitely take the cake for best prints, with collections like wood, textiles, exotics, glitter, and more. GLITTER, Y’ALL. $25-$45 (featured in top image)


Clean Bottle: Get ready for this. The Clean Bottle unscrews from BOTH ENDS, making it easier to wash and no risk for funk living in the bottom. The original and the runner (with pouch for your smartphone) are great, but I especially love the square with its wide handle and zero chance it rolls away if dropped (GENIUS). Athletes like Lache Kamani (below) are big fans. $10-$45

Lifefactory: These are also good-for-you glass bottles with a protective silicone sleeve, but a little more rugged-looking than the Bkr (ie. if you’re buying for a guy). They come in a variety of sizes and Lifefactory even makes baby bottles and kid cups for you moms who like to match with your wee ones. They also sell them at Whole Foods in case you want to tack one on to your $850 bill. $15-$27

Bubba: I love me a Bubba keg (they keep drinks cold THE LONGEST), but you’re not going to lug a ginormous mug around town or on a run. Luckily, they’ve put the same cold-keeping technology in a 22-ounce bottle with dual wall insulation. $15

Cheers to that!

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