Remember when Nicki Minaj put out her “Anaconda” video and it was awful and had a bunch of random shit in it like pineapples on turntables and and we were like, This is awful and this random shit just makes it awful-er.

Remember when J.Lo put out a video shaking her lubed-up ass with Iggy Azalea for 4 minutes and smoking a cig and we were like, That’s not desperate or anything.

Remember when Kim K. tried to #BreakTheInternet? (Btw, mine never stopped working.)

Well step aside basic bitches because Queen Bey has outdone you and your asses ONCE AGAIN…and made it look like she wasn’t even trying.

After some teasing on Instagram, Beyonce, in true #BadBitch fashion, SURPRISE RELEASED this video and it’s officially everything. Ever wonder what it would be like to get drunk with Beyonce middle-school-slumber-party-style? YOU’RE WELCOME.

And all that random shit (kale sweatshirt, knee pads, girlfriend wearing a bow as a shirt, Christmas tree, cheerleading pyramid FTW) just makes it ridiculously awesome. On top of that, she truly encapsulates what girls do when they been drankin’. Dancing around in a sweatshirt and underwear and old New Year’s glasses? Um, I think we’ve all been there. Of course there’s some ass-shaking (because that’s what all drunk girls do always), but it’s subtle, playful, and gives us just enough of a reminder that Beyonce has the best body/booty in the game (probably the world).

Christmas just came early.

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