Cancel that Botox appointment (for now); it’s ANTI-AGING BEAUTY BREAKTHROUGH TIME! You may have heard about Marula oil being the new big thang on the product scene, and if not, BOY OH BOY am I excited to explain. But first, let it be known I am a longtime lover of oil for your skin–I will smear coconut oil all over my face and body (that sounded kinky but I’ve also used it as a lube so whatever, if the shoe fits…), and there is truly no better hair product than MoroccanOil to transform your lovely lady locks. So when I got my hands on the highly praised Marula Pure Beauty Oil, I was like, TAKE ME TO CHURCH. And sure enough, it delivered.

A few fun facts about Marula Oil:
-It comes from the fruit of the Marula tree, native to Africa (THERE’S YOUR BIOLOGY LESSON FOR THE DAY, BETCHES).
marula 5-It’s truly the best anti-aging skin oil out there, with loads more more antioxidants (60% more than Argan oil), all kinds of vitamins, and fatty acids.
-It absorbs faster than any other oil you’d smear on your face (read: non-greasy), and has longer lasting moisture retention.
-It’s doctor/dermatologist endorsed (seriously, ask any).
-Marula Pure’s formula is all-natural, wild-harvested, hand-selected, and cold-pressed with no added heat or chemicals. Do you know how many chemicals are in so many popular beauty products? It’s terrifying.

I tried the Pure Marula Facial Oil and I’m not kidding when I say I noticed a difference immediately. I put it on at night (over my Cosmedix Serum 16 and I’m convinced this is the magic combo), and my face looked and felt so hydrated and silky smooth the next morning; not to mention, I swear some wrinkles had disappeared (BYE FELICIA). Here’s a before and after, and of course, lots of factors can contribute to this (sleep, water intake, lifestyle) and the look of wrinkles can change daily, but it’s no coincidence this was right after I used Marula oil for the first time.
I do have dry skin, but the absorption factor makes this work for those with even oily complexions and combination skin. Plus you can always just use a drop or two in your regular facial products and still reap the benefits if you’re wary of lubing up your mug like I do. And it works amazingly as a primer for your foundation/makeup to go on silky smooth (again, only a drop or two needed). A little goes a long way with this special sauce.

marula 7
And because I get extra obsessed with miracle products like these, I want to have them with me at all times, so I got the Lips 2 Lines, which is a fat Chapstick for fine lines you can apply whenever for around-the-clock repair and hydration. SO’MAZING.
marula 2
…and the travel roll-on for backup.

marula 3^This could be us but you playin.

I haven’t tried the cleansing lotion (Allure has praised it, though) or the eye cream yet, but you best believe I’ll be adding those to my collection asap.
marula 6

And PS, while you’re whipping out that credit card, you can not only feel good about the unparalleled facial hydration coming your way, but Marula Pure also provides income and jobs to women across Africa (they currently support 7,000 women and are aiming for 15K by the end of the year). Brings a tear to my crows feet eye.
marula 1
So lube up, ladies (and gents). It’s time for an oil change.


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