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You guys, I’m going to be honest with you. I’m a jean snob. Most of my jeans are designer (J Brand, MiH, G-Star, Citizen, Paige, etc.) and I rarely dip below that $100 threshold for a pair (#blessed). So when Target sent me a denim mission, I was slightly skeptical because while I LOVE the store for pretty much everything wardrobe-related (tops, dresses, swimwear, accessories, tees, tanks), I had never ventured into their jean arena. But I can honestly say now…….I’m a believer. I went in there grabbing roughly 2937492847 pieces like it was Supermarket Sweep and literally loved everything I put on. But there was more to it than just binge shopping–part of my mission was to address concerns and challenges ladies have when shopping for and wearing denim, especially when it comes to trendier styles. See how to tackle everything from regular skinnies to overalls to the denim pencil skirt (OH YES IT’S BACK).

The Skinny/Jegging
Concerns: Legs looking like sausage links, how to wear them in that weird no-longer-summer-but-not-yet-fall weather.

The skinny stretch jean is no new trend, but it’s not going anywhere (because how else would we wear tall boots!?). If you don’t think your legs are thin enough for that painted-on appearance: 1) That’s dumb, you’re beautiful, and 2) A dark skinny jean can be incredibly slimming. Footwear is key — wear a high and/or chunkier boot so your legs look small in comparison or a heel to slimify your silhouette (duh).

I purchased Target’s mid-rise jegging in midnight blue ($28) and paired it with my fave tribal tank and long crochet vest (also from the store) for a look that says, “I’m wearing jeans because I’m overly excited for fall fashion and also lost my leg tan, but it’s still freaking hot out wtf.”
IMG_0129(And if you know me, you know that expression says “I’m hangry and there is no time for another take.” #FashionBlogger)


Concerns: Looking like a hillbilly, looking like a fifth grader, looking like you’re stuck in 1994.

Yes, overalls were popular in the TLC era (those were the days….), but they’ve made a comeback as T-Boz and Chili proved this summer.perform during the kickoff of The Main Event tour at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on May 1, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.(RIP Left Eye.)

But if you’re not a girl group on tour, it can be tricky to style them. I personally am going to wear them with heels this fall to keep myself out of middle-school-tomboy territory. If you feel comfortable, they work really well with a crop top (have fun with that), but a neutral T-shirt or a striped long-sleeve is always safe.
overalls 1
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I purchased my first pair of overalls since middle school ($35) and wore them with a gray burnout tee, Target statement necklace and cuff, and wedges.
IMG_0118And like I always say, if your boyfriend doesn’t “get it”, you’re doing something right.

The Boyfriend Jean
Concerns: I’ll look frumpy, my butt will disappear, I literally have no idea what I’m doing.

Valid concerns. Yes, your booty won’t be as licious in a pair of baggy jeans, but just think of the COMFORT. My rule with boyfriend jeans is to make sure they’re boyfriend-y enough, even if you have to go up a size (I usually do). You want them to hang off your hips like they would if you actually put on your dude’s denim (hence the name). As for how to style, you’re always golden with a basic tee or fitted sweatshirt and a pair of heels (and a coffee).
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Or a silk blouse and flats.
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The Denim Pencil Skirt
Concerns: Wait what…..this is back in style?

Yes. Yes it is. And I’m kicking myself for throwing out my Abercrombie number from ‘01. I’m going to be honest, I hadn’t even thought of this look until I saw a fashion blogger friend of mine (My Style Vita) rocking it #LikeABoss. I’m just going to go ahead and fangirl the sh*t out of her with a PicStitch demonstrating various ways to do this denim.
As you see, you have a lot of easy options with the pencil skirt — T-shirt, silk blouse, chambray collared shirt, etc. And at $20, what do you have to lose? But if I can give any advice, for the love of God, ALWAYS wear a heel/bootie. Ain’t nobody wanna’ see a knee-length jean skirt with flats.

And just to reiterate, I was seriously impressed with Target’s denim–they felt quality, fit wonderfully (perfect amount of stretch on those skinnies), and looked so fab I couldn’t help but selfie in the three-way mirror.

IMG_9953And for $30ish a pop, may as well mix a few classic pairs in with your designer duds this fall and give some new trends a whirl.

By the way, I still miss the ‘90s.

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