flywheel never coast

Hold onto your hamstrings; it’s the giveaway I know many of you have been waiting for. That’s right: Flywheel Sports 5-packs. If you know me, you know I’ve been in a committed relationship with the indoor cycling studio for the last two+ years. Sure, I go on dates with other workouts, but no matter what, this […]


Who’s ready for a beach vacay?! (That should be everyone.) Sun, sand, relaxing, day drinking, and humblebrag hashtags. Ahhhh…. Today’s giveaway is a must-have for a trip to the tropics (or the Florida panhandle, whichever). It’s a perfect coverup courtesy of South Moon Under, which if you weren’t aware, is my favorite store in the […]

spotify playlist

I had just broken things off with my long-distance, on-again-off-again boyfriend and was driving 7 hours back to Atlanta on a good 45 minutes of sleep (when you know you’re having “the talk” in the morning, it doesn’t make for the best shut-eye). In other words, I was thisclose to dousing myself in gasoline at […]

kendra scott jewelry

Bling, bling bishes! Time to give away sparkly things courtesy of Kendra Scott. If you have Instagram or read magazines, you may know this jewelry line because it seems like every stylish lady and her mother have been rocking the colorful, quality gems lately. I got my first pair of earrings a few weeks ago and […]

gisele harry josh

Gals who have hair, get ready: This one is a doozy. First of all, if you’re not familiar with celebrity stylist Harry Josh, he does Gisele’s hair, Rose Byrne’s hair, and many other models/actress locks you’ve lusted for. He recently developed his own hair tools, which includes a blow dryer (review to come on that […]

urban decay lipstick revolution

Hollaaaaa! It’s W+P’s second anniversary, which means giveaways alllll week long. The first one had to be from one of my favorite makeup brands, Urban Decay. If you don’t remember the post about UD’s game-changing Revolution lipstick, either read it, or just know that this stuff is the real deal–creamy, hydrating, highly pigmented, long-lasting, and with […]

party llama

This GENIUS Vine video has been making the Internet rounds with good reason. Has there ever been a more incredible combo than DMX and a llama? NOPE. Also, they’re my favorite animal. Party up, y’all. LYLAS, Ashley 

a town sublime donuts

Not only is it Easter weekend, but it’s #FlashbackFriday, so I wanted to grace you guys with this gem of my brother and me. Easter must have also fallen on 4.20 back in 1990 because that bunny is clearly stoned. Before we jump into the weekend agenda, let’s take a look at the… SELFIE OF THE […]

little engine that literally cant even

Girls these days JUST CAN’T. Sometimes we can’t even, sometimes we CAN NOT and other times, we are literally dying. We often ask “Is this real life?”, realize our lives are totally F’d (#FML), or simply have to say “stop” (or use this Emoji). But lots of people (namely males) don’t understand why girls just […]