let me take a dic pic

You guys, how much money do you think The Chainsmokers have made from that chick’s annoying voice over a beat that a 5th grader with a keyboard could have made? I can’t even think about it. But good for them; they are hashtagging all the way to the damn bank. Thankfully, someone made a solid […]


In a day when an obnoxious girl talking about #selfies over EDM constitutes as music and that painful song from Frozen plays on the radio 3 billion times a day (seriously, my ears bleed), it’s refreshing to discover new, talented artists and quality tunes. Here are three smooth dudes you need to get up in […]

bandit girl

What…..a week it’s been. It’s moments like these when you realize just how much time people have on their hands. I received a smidge (read: gargantuan shit ton) of backlash from my post about “crashing the Georgia Half-Marathon”┬áin which people called me a “bandit” (hilarious term, btw) and treated me like I just blew up […]

emoji in love

. Well, for girls. Beyonce + Emoji 4ever. We be all night, Ashley

tribble gym

Remember back when selfies were cool? Well NOT ANYMORE, you social media lovers and losers. Selfies are the new LOL (no offense, Mom), and these days, you’re only cool on Facebook/Instagram/Christian Mingle if you do a #LipSyncSelfie video. Says who? Says REALITY SHOW SUPERSTAR Tribble Reese. That’s right. The same stud muffin who basically invented […]

trey reptile show

Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Sick of the bar scene? Tired of going to clubs every single weekend and having drunk dudes/chicks slobber and grind on you then going home alone? Have you poked all of your friends of the opposite sex on Facebook with no response? Literally scrolled through […]


Well this week was a doozy: A #hashtag RANT, tweeters who are so #TurntUp, and a special SELFIE OF THE WEEK. Tune in and see our fancy new set. Lord help us.

hess tom

This week on our award-winning newscast, we reported some BREAKING NEWS regarding dining out, hashtag #ColdSeason, selfies, and a special new addition: The Douchebag of the Week award. We are total idiots.

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 11.11.07 AM

Since Tom (aka Selfie Tom) and I make fun of report on the fine folks of social media in writing on the reg, we figured we’d give it a go via video. What a disaster.