stockton hot mugshot

The Stockton Police Department posted the above mugshot of a fine male specimen named Jeremy Meeks (Ashley Meeks, how does that sound?) and women of Facebook went wild. At the time of this post, it had 15.5K+ likes and nearly 4K comments. A DAMN MUGSHOT. And it clearly wasn’t because people are supporting the police […]

harry  josh dryer

If you’re a regular W+P reader, first of all: I love you. Second of all, you probably know I’m on a constant mission to bring my hair to its maximum potential. And I thought I had all the tools and tricks…until I received my Harry Josh pro dryer. Now, this is a $300 piece of […]

painted pin atlanta 3

Atlanta is POPPIN’ this summer, my friends. (Who still says poppin’ besides Sway from MTV?) So many cool places have opened and many more to come. Here are a couple I’ve visited recently (one in particular I’m freaking out over) and one VERY MAJOR beauty boutique opening this weekend. Also….summer date ideas. The Painted Pin […]


Bananas are the Ryan Gosling of fruit. For the past six months, I’ve been eating a banana every day (sometimes TWO) and it has been a life changer. Check out the reasons why nature’s yellow boomerang is truly the most glorious of all. 1. Beats bloat. If you’re swollen from a salty meal (read: 829374928374 […]

beth stern cuddle cats

Is it just me or this Instagram video by Beth Stern one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen?! The very end made me feel all warm fuzzy and I had to go pin my dog down on the couch to cuddle with him (against his will). Ok, maybe it’s just me. But like, who wants […]


The Internet is a glorious place. Even if you know nothing about nothing, it can educate you to GED status. Sure, some of it will be fake and you’ll probably believe it, but so what? The World Wide Web is abuzz with World Cup madness so I compiled some of the best articles out there so […]

dry shampoo

Dear dry shampoo, How do you know me so well? How do you know that it will be Thursday night and I’m planning to work out, shower quickly at the gym sans hair washing, then grab a quick, casual bite with girlfriends and go home, but then I’ll have a couple glasses of wine at […]

fault in our stars stills

I went into The Fault in Our Stars like most girls go into their period week: You know you’ll get emotional, you know you’re going to cry, you know you’ll need some M&Ms, and you know it will be over soon enough. I will admit it was the most I’ve ever cried in a movie, even […]

cara delevingne funny face

Full, shapely, well-groomed brows make a face that much more beautiful–they’re expressive, draw attention to your pretty peepers, and add dimension to your mug. Some might even say they’re the most important feature! Just ask these gals… Some women recognize the importance of good brows, but others have no idea how they can totally change your face […]

world cup commercial beats by dre

Best commercial ever? Probably. Starts out like a movie trailer, cameos by Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Serena Williams, LeBron, etc., and that BADASS SONG. It’s five minutes long, but I guarantee you’ll watch the whole thing then want to go out and do something awesome (like buy Beats by Dre headphones if you don’t have […]

gossip girl texting 2

Let’s be honest. Guys are gross. But girls are might be grosser. The shit girls say when they’re in the unconditional loving comfort of their best friends is facking insane, and if dudes knew the half of it, they would probably never get a boner again. In other words, if you’re a dude and you’re reading […]


It’s almost the freakin’ weekend, which in Atlanta means time to eat, drink, patio hop, go to a strip club (probably), and pray it doesn’t monsoon. Put this stuff in your Palm Pilot. EAT YOUR FACE OFF Smokebelly BBQ This is the new down-home Southern joint in Buckhead from our dude-bestie Trey and the guys […]

walmart beauty selfie

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Walmart via Mode Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Walmart. I made a trip to Walmart with the challenge of stocking up on summer beauty essentials for $30. We all know $30 will get you approximately […]


Let it be known I’m pretty obsessed with Iggy Azalea right now, and if I were to choose a celeb couple to have a threesome with, it would most definitely be her and Nick Young (AKA Swaggy P). I mean…. Try to find a sexier, cooler, more stylish couple than these two right now. (Let’s be […]


Is there anything better than a romper/jumpsuit? I mean, you put on ONE ITEM OF CLOTHING and you’re dressed. Slip on shoes, accessorize, and you’re out the damn door. I was perusing Instagram last night (after posting multiple meatball photos, of course) and was stopped dead in my scroll by Beyonce’s simple-but-super-sexy, low-cut, white jumpsuit […]

robyn lawley

Take a look at some of these “plus-size models”: Laura Catterall Ali Tate Jennie Runk Shareefa J and Jada Sezer Robyn Lawley (my girl crush) Leyanne Dixon  Charlotte Quita Jones Saffi Karina I feel enraged when I see a female who is healthy, toned, and probably no more than a size 8 (read: 3 sizes […]

makeup before and after

Face contouring: The magical trick professional makeup artists use to completely transform people’s faces and turn even the most #BasicBitch into a supermodel. Or Lana Del Rey… Ok that was dramatic (and I also just wanted an excuse to hashtag #basicbitch), but seriously…makeup (and specifically face contouring) can do some crazy shit, proven by the photos […]

Film Title: Mean Girls.

This standup bit from female comedian Iliza Shlesinger (who Total Sorority Move dismissively refers to as “this girl”) has been making the rounds this week because as TSM says, she so “hilariously describes why girls freaking hate each other.” I happened to see it for the first time whilst on a hysterical (and very NSFW) email […]

cher clueless closet

SUMMER IS HERE, BISHES! (Screw a calendar; it starts after Memorial Day). This means sun, fun, vodka, beach vacays, tan skin, Katy Perry, margaritas, maxi dresses, pool parties, patios, and more vodka. But it also means a style refreshment should be on tap. If you take the time right now to get your wardrobe summer-ready, […]

drunk in love wedding dance

If you can watch this without cringing and/or nervously laughing, I will give you $8,000 and a six-pack of cigars on ice. Don’t get it twisted; I think the ladies certainly have the moves, but I have so many questions. Such as… 1. Which bridesmaid, after a couple glasses of moscato, was like, “You know what […]


Do you ever fantasize about trading in your lifelong best friend for a celebrity BFF? Oh you do? That’s f*cked up. But yes, it’s fun to admire celebs and be like, “Ohmygod, we would totally be besties,” even though you probably wouldn’t because most of them aren’t nearly as “normal” and “cool” as they seem, […]

tinder profile pic resize

Oh, Tinder. The most genius, addicting, shallow app ever created. Swipe right if you think someone is attractive; swipe left if you don’t. Swipe all over your screen if you’re drunk and starting to lose control over your fingers….then wake up with a bunch of fours in your match queue who you thought were tens […]

cher clueless

Hey girls. If you think spending four hours on your hair, makeup, and picking out a slutty sexy outfit, then standing in a bar/club with resting bitch face and sipping a fancy martini is going to attract Prince Charming, you’re doing it wrong. (For the record, you may attract Prince Douchebag. He is definitely not […]

high school talent contest billie jean

I never thought I’d say this, but….I’m strangely attracted to a skinny, ginger-ish teenager. What? Fast-forward to 1:10 (and I recommend going full screen). Yes, he did win the talent contest (duh), but I’m annoyed the whole damn gymnasium wasn’t ON THEIR MOTHER F*CKING FEET. He definitely did MJ (and Usher) proud. And seriously…is he 18 yet?