‘Tis the season! HARK the angels! Joy to the world! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The time of year when you swear you won’t gain 5-8 pounds again but end up saying ‘fuck it’ by mid-December and spend your evenings sipping chugging red wine and indulging in decadent food instead of at the gym because […]

At an event a few weeks ago, I noticed some girls with jewels on their faces, admittedly scoffed at it, and figured this was just some gimmicky thing the event presenter put on (“Come by the Bud Light Lime face jewelry booth for a buzz and a bedazzle!”) and not a new trend I needed to […]

Consideration was provided by Target. If there’s one love affair that’s been a constant for me since high school, it’s Target. (Sorry Chick-fil-a, maybe if you were open on Sundays…). I go to Target for everything from swimsuits to soap, cards to K-cups, trail mix to toilet paper, but I’ve never really gone HAM in […]

It’s almost the freakin’ weekend, which in Atlanta means time to eat, drink, patio hop, go to a strip club (probably), and pray it doesn’t monsoon. Put this stuff in your Palm Pilot. EAT YOUR FACE OFF Smokebelly BBQ This is the new down-home Southern joint in Buckhead from our dude-bestie Trey and the guys […]

It’s not even the weekend yet and I’m hungover. (Obviously I had a date last night.) Anyway, lots of fun stuff happening in the ol’ ATL, starting tonight with a comedy show, which is good if you like to laugh. Here’s the dealio (who says dealio?): TJ MILLER You may know this comedian from Chelsea […]

Bling, bling bishes! Time to give away sparkly things courtesy of Kendra Scott. If you have Instagram or read magazines, you may know this jewelry line because it seems like every stylish lady and her mother have been rocking the colorful, quality gems lately. I got my first pair of earrings a few weeks ago and […]

While I was drinking Europe dry traveling last week, I re-posted an article I wrote a year prior about my mortifying vibrator incident in London’s Heathrow airport. Well the Internet (and self-pleasure) Gods were smiling on me because a few days later, I received this email: I mean…if you ever get an email that says […]

I remember like it was yesterday: I had just moved to Atlanta in 2005 and was an UNPAID INTERN at Jezebel Magazine and they sent me to Phipps Plaza (read: rich person mall) to pick something up. After I completed my task, I was in Saks browsing the handbag section (my first mistake) when a […]

Introducing a guest post by stylist extraordinaire and overall inspirational and awesome gal: Lillian Charles of Wardrobes by Lillian. *** Juicing is cooler than 1,000+ calorie blended coffee drinks, Strong is the new skinny, And, in the vein of active, healthy lifestyles, Leave your sweatpants on…add stilettos. Gone are the days of corsets, hoop-skirts, and […]

“Chanel handbags are overrated…” ….says the people who can’t afford them. I kid, I kid. Well not really. I’m definitely not dropping two Gs or more on a quilted Chanel pocketbook right now (or maybe ever), especially now that I’ve discovered Rebecca Minkoff’s new Mini Affair Diamond Quilt bag. Remember how hot the M.A.C. and […]

When I met Lisa George of L George Designs, I tried on every single piece of jewelry in her entire collection (go hard or go home) and was floored by how incredible they all were. She has a gift for making badass, statement pieces that are totally comfortable and lay perfectly on your neck. I […]

I’ve owned (and drunkenly lost) many a pair of flip-flops, specifically Havaianas. They’re cute, they’re stylish, and they say “I’m a cool chick.” But they are NOT the most comfortable shoes on the planet (admit it!), and with a completely flat sole and no give, they’re not the best for your feet either. We have […]

Hallelujah, the BEYOND-HIGHLY-ANTICIPATED Great Gatsby comes out today and it just might be the must-see movie of the year for a number of reasons, five of them being… 1. The fashion. I die. You die. We all die and want to time travel back to the Roaring Twenties and wear those amazing outfits, jewelry, and […]

Carrie Bradshaw once said, “I like my money right where I can see it: Hanging in my closet.” I say, “I like my empty booze bottles right where I can see them: In my outgoing text log.” (Seriously, if drunk texting was an Olympic sport, I’d be Ryan Lochte–I may say some dumb sh*t, but […]

Some things…you should never question where they came from: A free drink from the bartender, a five-pound weight loss when you haven’t been exercising or dieting, a 70% sale on designer shoes, random orgasm during spinning. (Psst, does that last one really happen because sadly, I’ve never experienced it?) But anyway. I recently had a […]

Happy almost-holiday, leprechaun lovers! I’m heading to Charleston this weekend for my college bestie’s 30th (and one helluva St. Patty’s street party on Sullivan’s Island), so I’m reposting the guest blog I did on my BFF (blogger friend forever) Becky’s rad site, The Pumpkin Spot, because I have more pressing matters at the moment than […]

After drooling over my BFF (blogger friend forever) Becky’s post on mint obsessions a while back, it’s only fitting that she’s guest blogging today on glorious green must-haves in honor of the upcoming holiday (and how to land a second date)… Hello Witty + Pretty readers, it’s Becky from The Pumpkin Spot! I’m so excited to […]

Hey, I just met you. And this is crazy. But here’s a tank top…that’ll look great on you, baby. That’s right. Suno has designed this one-of-a-kind gem for Glamour and my favorite online store, Les Nouvelles, has the exclusive scoop (neck). Here it is: “The cheeky pattern was originally spotted at the Suno spring 2013 […]

The best things come in small packages. Except when it comes to boys, booze, and cell phone plans. And I think it’s about time I get myself the #1 stunner of small packages–a Rebecca Minkoff mini bag–so I can stop having a physical, eyes-glazing-over, “I MUST HAVE THAT” reaction every time I see one in […]

Us girls have it ROUGH. We have these THINGS on our chests we’re supposed to keep perky and pushed together, which requires straps and hooks, but then we want to wear strapless/backless/sexy stuff without straps and hooks showing. I mean. Seriously, ladies. Sometimes I don’t know how we get through the day. But luckily, there’s […]

I’m no retail analyst, but I really thought the Neiman Marcus collection at Target was going to be a monster success, especially with all the cool, gift-y items around the holidays. Turns out, it was a huge fail not as successful as they had hoped, and now everything is 70 percent off. But this is […]

Have you guys been DYING to know what I want for Christmas all week long!? No? Okay, fair enough, but I’m going to tell you anyway.  There are about 3.5 things on this list that I’ll actually receive and the rest are aspirational (ie. I’ll just have to wait until Valentine’s Day (HA, yeah right), my […]

Never before has there been something so revolutionary that merges the fashion and drinking worlds than Cynthia Rowley’s flask bangle ($225). Behold: And you thought the wine bra was cool. Not only is this piece of genius jewelry incredibly cute and functional, but it’s made by a legitimate, awesome designer. If you’re a big drinker, […]

If you set out the Saturday before Christmas to buy gifts for everyone and end up wandering around stores in a zombie-like state followed by a near nervous breakdown in the car when you realize you’ve only checked off a sixth of the people on your list, and then end up at a bar drowning […]