Consideration provided by Target. In life, we have both basics and statements. Basics are the girls posting cleavage pics on Instagram disguised as coffee-drinking selfies while statement girls are off doing cool sh*t and not worrying about which filter makes them look the most like a Kardashian. And in fashion we also have basics and […]

Consideration was provided by Target. Let’s take a look at all-white wearing through the years… I mean, is there anything hotter than white clothing on bronze skin? NOPE. Add gold jewelry into that mix and hello, SUMMER SEXY ALERT. Once my skin hits a top-tier tan, I can’t get enough white in my wardrobe—I wear […]

Consideration was provided by Target On the nightmare scale, swimsuit shopping is right up there with being trapped inside the DMV with all of your exes and their new girlfriends and Nickelback’s Greatest Hits is on repeat. Hold on, I need a minute to erase that horrific image from my memory. Ok I’m back. But […]

Consideration was provided by Target. ALL HAIL TARGET’S SWIM COLLECTION. (Can I get an amen?) I can’t remember a summer in the last decade that I haven’t gotten a swimsuit from the world’s greatest department store/heaven. I splurge on expensive/designer suits from time to time, but I still always find a perfect bikini from Target […]

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Walmart via Mode Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Walmart. I made a trip to Walmart with the challenge of stocking up on summer beauty essentials for $30. We all know $30 will get you approximately […]

You know that feeling when you work a crazy 10+ hour day…and you get home…and take your bra (or pants) off? Orgasmic. You guys. That’s how I feel when I put on my new Sanuk sandals. I have basically worn them every day since they arrived on my doorstep and I don’t know how I […]

Oh, the Target blackout: When you walk into the beloved department store for one thing and the next thing you know, you’ve dropped at least a hundy and are walking out in a confused daze with red and white bags full of clothing, body wash, and jars of dark chocolate peanut butter (oh yes, that’s […]

Editor’s Note: First of all, I LOVE this post from guest blogger Hayden because who doesn’t love beauty bargains AND an excuse to visit CVS (so I have a weird drugstore obsession – SO WHAT). Second of all, I saw one product on this list in particular (*cough* Wet n Wild) and was like, “Hayden […]

I mainly shop Sephora, Woo, and Bloomie’s for my makeup (go ahead, call me a snob), but that’s not to say there aren’t great products on the drugstore shelves, and when I find ’em, I want to spread the budget beauty gospel! Guest blogger Hayden mentioned Revlon’s Lip Butters ($6) in a recent post, and maybe […]

LADIES. Do you remember The Most Perfect Sequin Maxi Dress of All Time!? You know the one–the most amazing honeymoon/vacay/The-Bachelor-fantasy-suite dress from Calypso St. Barth for $400? Well I never ended up getting it, buuuuuut…this weekend, I walked by The Limited and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a totally legit replica in […]

Clearly two of my great loves in life are alcohol and beauty, yet I haven’t created my own line for either of those things. (WHAT THE F*CK AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?!) Well, Drew Barrymore has both and they’re totally legit (unlike this mess). Her Italian Pinot Grigio is quality, crisp, and delicious AND […]

Last night, I was running early to meet a friend for drinks (for ONCE in my life) and I stopped by CVS to pick up a few “necessities.” (I could spend hours in a drug store. Seriously, it’s like, a thing.) At the exact moment I realized I forgot to put on my Lancome La […]

You’re probably familiar with EOS’s super-cute lip balm balls (if you don’t own one, surely a girlfriend has pulled one out at happy hour and you were all, “OMG, what is that and why are you rubbing it on your lips?!”). These colorful spheres are beloved by many because they’re ultra moisturizing, organic, have delicious […]

That was a lot of s’s. Anyway, it’s three weeks into the new year and you’ve been busting your booty working out and eating right (or at least have been thinking about it). It’s officially time to treat yourself, so this Saturday, I’m hosting yet another Les Nouvelles’ shopping extravaganza! This is where you’ll find to-die-for […]

I’ll make this quick because you need to start browsing. My favorite store of all time, South Moon Under, is having a MONSTER sale, and the already-ridiculously-reduced-merchandise is an extra 25% off until midnight tonight (use code Extra25). Find everything from cozy sweaters to flowy dresses to bikinis, plus jewelry, handbags, shoes, and more, from […]

I’m no retail analyst, but I really thought the Neiman Marcus collection at Target was going to be a monster success, especially with all the cool, gift-y items around the holidays. Turns out, it was a huge fail not as successful as they had hoped, and now everything is 70 percent off. But this is […]

If you set out the Saturday before Christmas to buy gifts for everyone and end up wandering around stores in a zombie-like state followed by a near nervous breakdown in the car when you realize you’ve only checked off a sixth of the people on your list, and then end up at a bar drowning […]

In this day and age, does sexting count as cybering? What about dirty talking on Gmail chat? Does Skype sex qualify? Or are people actually still getting it on in AOL chat rooms? That’s right, it’s Cyber Monday! But let’s put all the innuendos aside because it’s time to shop the hell out of the […]

Don’t get me wrong–I love my iPhone 4S and all things Apple, but I don’t really see the need to throw down 2 hundy or more on the latest technology when mine works perfectly. That’s not to say the iPhone 5 isn’t badass (and if someone wants to buy me one, I will gladly take […]

Chances are you’ve heard about or seen BB creams (because they’re EVERYwhere), also known as “the secret to perfect-looking skin Asian women have been using for years.” I mean…let’s give a big thank you to whoever went over to Asia, uncovered this beauty secret those naturally-porcelained-skin ladies (lucky bitches) have been hiding, and brought it […]

Let it be known that I love Urban Outfitters. Not only do I love the clothing, accessories, home stuff, and funny books, but there is a store within walking distance of my apartment AND I can bring Dewey with me while shopping. Hmmmm, take him to park or take him shopping? Call me a bad […]

Alright. Maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but…I just recently got the full lowdown on e.l.f. cosmetics, or as I like to call it, The Mother F’ing Doller Store of Makeup.  While searching through a bag of product samples and freebies I’ve received recently (I’m sorry you guys, but I get free stuff), I pulled out a […]