Consideration was provided by Target. ALL HAIL TARGET’S SWIM COLLECTION. (Can I get an amen?) I can’t remember a summer in the last decade that I haven’t gotten a swimsuit from the world’s greatest department store/heaven. I splurge on expensive/designer suits from time to time, but I still always find a perfect bikini from Target […]

Compensation was provided by Jergens®. Can we talk about this winter? It has been worse than having 1% cell phone battery in the DMV while Nickelback is playing and there’s a baby screaming and your ex-boyfriend is there with his new girlfriend who just so happens to be Margot Robbie. In other words: THE WORST […]

There are few things in life I love more than vodka, coconut, and the beach. Actually, maybe zero things. So when I discovered Pinnacle’s coconut vodka on my way TO THE BEACH, I flipped the F*CK out. After the liquor store employees tranquilized me and I recovered, I got my alcoholic creative juices flowing and […]

When I was a kid, I was never without a book on my person (#NerdAlert: I would ask how long a car ride was just in case I might finish one book and need another). These days, I don’t get to read (for pleasure) as much as I’d like, but lately, I’ve been making more […]

How the FACK is it mid-summer? I feel like Snowpocalypse was just like, last week. This has potential to be the best summer ever because: 1) It’s cooler than hot-as-balls years past, but hasn’t rained every day like last year (the WORST). 2) Killer restaurants (and more importantly, patios) continue to open and lure us in. […]

Take a look at some of these “plus-size models”: Laura Catterall Ali Tate Jennie Runk Shareefa J and Jada Sezer Robyn Lawley (my girl crush) Leyanne Dixon  Charlotte Quita Jones Saffi Karina I feel enraged when I see a female who is healthy, toned, and probably no more than a size 8 (read: 3 sizes […]

Vodka at the beach is a no-brainer. Well, vodka anytime is a no-brainer. This past weekend was Hangout Fest, and when I party/festival hard for 3+ days, the smartest thing to do is stick with vodka. Sure, I’ll have some shots here and there (duh), but I steer clear of wine, brown liquor, tequila (it really […]

Be honest, what did you think when you read that title? Wait, maybe I don’t want to know. ANYWAY, I’m heading out to the most wonderful music festival in the world, Hangout Fest, for the third year in a row. This is my kind of festival–staying in a big house on the beach instead of […]

Hello friends! Hayden here of Pretty in my Pocket; you may know me from guest posts like hot, neon lips and how not to have a frizz fro. This time around, I’m giving tips on how to land that perfect beachy hair…while Ashley is at the beach probably doing it the natural way right now (bitch). So […]

I saw these Flying Tomato palazzo pants on South Moon Under’s site months ago (yes, I drooled on my keyboard) and finally got them. They were everything I hoped they’d be and more. See? They even make babies happy. (Not my child, btw.) These lovelies are currently on sale for $50 (!!!), but there’s only […]

I’ve owned (and drunkenly lost) many a pair of flip-flops, specifically Havaianas. They’re cute, they’re stylish, and they say “I’m a cool chick.” But they are NOT the most comfortable shoes on the planet (admit it!), and with a completely flat sole and no give, they’re not the best for your feet either. We have […]

Who better to chat beachwear with than a designer of one of the coolest, most celeb-beloved, flattering lines on the swim scene? Pooja Kharbanda is behind the to-die-for suits, coverups, rompers, dresses, etc. of 6 Shore Road, which means she has major style and expertise on what looks hot in the heat. Get to know […]

Since we’re talking music festivals, don’t read any further unless you’ve seen this: I love The Obesity Epidemic. Such amazing energy. Can’t believe I missed them at Bonnaroo last year. So I’m en route to the Hangout Music Festival as we speak (#ThankYouHotspot) and am super pumped to wear a hippie headband, some sort of obnoxious […]

The Hangout Music Festival is this weekend and I could not be more excited. It’s the “luxury” music fest for us gals who don’t exactly love camping, dirt/mud, and not showering. It takes place ON THE BEACH (like, the stages are on the sand right next to the ocean), and you stay in waterfront houses/condos […]

Presenting another glorious guest blog from the witty and pretty Hayden of Pretty In My Pocket (which you all have downloaded and are using to step up your beauty product shopping, right??). In this installment, she tells us how to keep our faces from looking like we moisturized with bacon grease once that serious summer […]

It’s Friday, which means time to skip out of work early and get your hands on the first alcoholic beverage you can find, but it also means the Witty + Pretty Week o’ Giveaways is coming to an end (waaaahh!). I’m sad, too. I felt like Oprah this week, just on a smaller scale (both […]

I am SO glad guest blogger Hayden of Pretty In My Pocket (download it now if you haven’t already, gurls!) covered this topic. If you’re anything like me in recent years, you’re worried about skin cancer and aging, but still need to be bronze when bikini season hits (no one wants to see me pale […]

WTF, Southeast? It’s late(ish) March and we’re dealing with 40-degree temps?! No sir. Not ok. As for you folks in even colder climates like NYC, Chicago, Russia (I do have seven readers there. BOOM.), I feel for you, too. Let’s all vent together about the things we CAN’T do in this weather, because guess what? […]

Let’s be real. “Springing forward” in the time sense effing sucks. You’re out Saturday night having a grand old time thinking you have hours of vodka-drinking and cute-guy-flirting left, then all of a sudden, the lights come on, the cocktail in your hand is your last, and Mr. Hottie McTottie isn’t nearly as attractive anymore […]

After a crazy Saturday celebrating Texas Independence Day (read: any excuse to party) with large quantities of Sinless Margaritas (even Boo got wasted), this is exactly how I felt yesterday: Is that or is that not pure perfection?! Kate Spade nailed it and is the first designer (I know of) who has perfectly blended our love for colorful, […]

That was a lot of s’s. Anyway, it’s three weeks into the new year and you’ve been busting your booty working out and eating right (or at least have been thinking about it). It’s officially time to treat yourself, so this Saturday, I’m hosting yet another Les Nouvelles’ shopping extravaganza! This is where you’ll find to-die-for […]

Recently, I had to grab some drugstore sunscreen in a pinch and was instantly drawn to Hawaiian Tropic’s SPF 20 Shimmer Effect Lotion. I like SPF 20 because it’s higher than 15 but less than 30. You can just call me a mathematician after that astute statement. I also like the idea of a subtle […]

Being that Atlanta is completely landlocked and hot as you-know-whats (rhymes with malls) in the summertime, I try to take as many beach trips as possible (hence my last post and the reason for a W+P weeklong break). So I’m always on the hunt for the best products for my beach bag. I’ll get to […]

Ahhhh summer. A time for trips to the beach, wearing less makeup, questionable decisions, and fruity drinks. There is nothing I love more than the perfect marriage of pineapple and coconut in a pina colada, but the sad truth is that they are jam-packed with sugary calories and can give you an adult tummy-ache after […]