It’s a new month, which means we get extra creative at Buff and create a one-of-a-kind manicure. Introducing: The Deep V. Inspired by old Hollywood glamour, it’s our modern take on a simple, chic color palette. We used Butter London in Union Jack Black ($15) and RGB’s White ($18) to create a freehand-painted (yes, the girls are that good!) […]

I’m always stoked for the start of fall. First of all, because we get a break from the oppressive summer humidity, and secondly, because we can start wearing scarves, jackets, and (most importantly)….boots. Love it. I also adore the season’s color palette–all the oranges, yellows, golds, deep greens, and browns. The sunlight filtering through the […]

Put your (manicured) hands in the air! We’re introducing a W + P weekly special and it has to do with…drumroll please…wait, you already you guessed it…NAILS. The Monday mani (and sometimes pedi, too) will be compliments of Myka Barbato, owner of BUFF nail bar in Atlanta, nail guru, and ridiculously stylish person in general. […]