Hey girls. If you think spending four hours on your hair, makeup, and picking out a slutty sexy outfit, then standing in a bar/club with resting bitch face and sipping a fancy martini is going to attract Prince Charming, you’re doing it wrong. (For the record, you may attract Prince Douchebag. He is definitely not […]

Not only is it Easter weekend, but it’s #FlashbackFriday, so I wanted to grace you guys with this gem of my brother and me. Easter must have also fallen on 4.20 back in 1990 because that bunny is clearly stoned. Before we jump into the weekend agenda, let’s take a look at the… SELFIE OF THE […]

Welp. Q100’s The Bert Show asked us back on their women’s panel to answers men’s burning questions about the female race. This time around, we covered “Can a guy get out of the friend zone and how?” (our answers may surprise you), how does a guy tell his lady he hates one of her besties, and […]

Since the beginning of time Beyonce, ladies want to be sexy for their men. But what if they don’t know how? Sure, you could read articles in Cosmo titled “What Guys Really Think Is Sexy” but Cosmo is written for 14-year-olds, and instead of asking real, dateable guys, they probably just asked a few nerd interns […]

Guess what, lovers? Engagement season is well under way and there’s nothing you can do to stop half of your Facebook friends from posting about how they’re so #blessed to be marrying their best friends and TV from showing the stupidest commercials of all time. But fellas, if you’re planning to pop the question, please consider the […]

Editor’s note: When one of my good girlfriends posted a Facebook status about her husband waiting in line for a video game release, I was like, Wait, am I friends with a gamer? Then I was like, Am I friends with a MARRIED gamer? Then I promptly emailed him and said, “You need to write […]

Is it just me, or does it seem like gay men have pretty fulfilling and exciting sex lives? And because I know a lot of women (single and in relationships) who aren’t exactly thrilled with their current sexual situations (hence, why Fifty Shades of Grey totally crushed it), I thought, Why not see if the gay […]

Holy Moses, it’s (almost) Halloween! Nerds, geeks, dweebs, dorks, and smoking hot chicks UNITE! It is our time! Grab your Star Trek pajamas and let’s rage. Dudes with awesome muscles and great hair: Stay home or wear a snowsuit. Although we know you’ll just wear the same costume you wear every year (Trojan warrior, no […]

Who let the dogs out? An EPIC SONG from the Baha Men, one of the greatest bands of all times except Wilson Phillips. Speaking of dogs and men from Baha, I am a true animal expert. My love of the animal kingdom led me to study pre-vet at Auburn University where, after two attempts, I […]

Hey gals. Your new bestie Tom here. I want to give you a smidge of advice and share the story of how the most attractive girl on this sweet Earth rejected me when I asked her out, BUT made feel like a million bucks at the same time. Now, you might not know this, but rejection […]

Hey gang. It’s your old friend “Tough Love Tom” here bringing you more critical relationship advice and information. In this gluttony of piss-warm info, I will be perplexing you with some advice about online dating. OH NO, HE SAID ONLINE DATING!!! Listen, you know you do it and if not, you want to do it, […]

Ok ladies, it’s your man-friend Trey here (aka Tough Love Tom) taking a break from Candy Crush to help you figure out the male gender and how to not mess up a good thing in a week or less. We already discussed long toenails and bad spray tans, but at the end of this Pulitzer […]

My parents, Cindy and Leigh, have that uncommon, hard-to-believe, amazing marriage that, sadly, is the exception rather than the rule these days. Today, they celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary (!??!), and I can tell they’re still completely head-over-heels in love with each other. I know. It’s weird. I observe a lot of what has kept […]

People ask me for dating advice a lot, and while I know that may come as a shock to some of you, I can actually dish out wisdom very well (I was recently interviewed by a major mag about relationships and I can’t wait to share in a couple months…!). But anyway, girls are always […]

[jwplayer config=”W+P Player” mediaid=”2593″ plugins=”http://lp.longtailvideo.com/5/adaptvjw5/adaptvjw5.swf” adaptvjw5.key=”actionfactory” adaptvjw5.companionid=”div-gpt-ad-1347309510681-5″ adaptvjw5.zid=”flash_ads” autostart=”false”] What drives girls crazy about guys? Why don’t guy pick up the phone these days? Do rotary phones still exist? What about the one dude in this clip who says he “never calls girls”? Did he get laid that night? (Sadly…probably yes.) Check it all out in […]