Here’s the deal with mani/pedis and me: I’ll go the salon with a friend so we can catch up, talk about boys, and drink wine (complimentary at Passion) then go drink more wine (across the street at Barcelona). Have I been boozing at the Barcelona bar for hours whilst wearing those disposable flip-flops? Maybe. Numerous times. […]

Another guest blogger, whaaaa?! The Witty + Pretty party just keeps getting better, and in the words of the renowned poet Pitbull, “Don’t Stop the Party” (ie. keep reading). I met Lauren virtually through a friend (thanks David!) and guest blogged on her site, Strictly Nutritious, last week (about booze, shocker). While her awesome blog […]

Is it bad that I’d rather whip up an at-home beauty concoction than an actual meal? I mean, that’s what hummus, cheese, and crackers (and wine) is for, right? AnyWAY, I shared my simple recipe of coconut oil and Banana Boat lotion for the softest skin ever, but I’d love to hear yours (and hopefully, […]