I’m Ashley and I love vodka. Shocker. But now I’m even more legit in my dedication to this majestical beverage because I’m officially a part of Pinnacle Vodka’s Cocktail Club. This means I will be drinking and posting about all its glorious flavors and concoctions throughout the summer. While Pinnacle is a lower priced vodka, it’s […]

Who loves DUIs!? If you just said, “I do!”, then how are you reading this from jail? Anyway, Atlanta now has another awesome, easy way to get around safely with Hailo, an app that brings a cab to you with two taps of your smartphone. Like other transportation apps you may know or use, your […]

HOLA AMIGOS. (That is “hello friends” for you gringos.) ‘Tis time for one of my favorite holidays because I know I am part Mexican no matter what my mom and skin tone say: CINCO DE MAYO. This glorious excuse for cheese dip consumption, tequila chugging sipping, and questionable decisions whilst wearing sombreros falls on a […]

Yesterday, a driver who looked like a retired mob boss (name: “Bill Brown”) picked me up in a black car and drove me to Kim Zolciak’s house to drink and have breakfast for dinner with her and a handful of other media folks. Is this real life? The most famed Bravo hair housewife (in my […]

This weekend, I did not have one drink. And no, I was not in jail, rehab, or a dry county. I did not go out, put makeup on, wear anything without an elastic waistband, and barely interacted with people. And I loved it. What…a loser. Mind you, I had my weekend on Wednesday with the […]

I’m always down to try a new alcohol. Who am I kidding, I’m always down for any alcohol, new or old (but not expired……past six months). Over the weekend, I got my hands on some Tiziano pinot grigio and prosecco ($10-$12) and am a new super-fan of this authentic, affordable Italian vino. I’m also a […]


DAY 1: ONE WEEK LATER: We did it! And I only cheated once with one cup of coffee. Ok, twice. Ok FINE, I also had two glasses of wine on Friday night before the cleanse was TECHNICALLY over, but I pretended it was beet juice, so it’s ok (right??). Friends, this 5-day juice cleanse was […]

Vodka is my soulmate. We met in high school and fell in love immediately (although we were a lot less classy back then and he sometimes went by the name of “Popov”). We were on-and-off-again throughout college, all the while continuing to mature, although we’d occasionally have late-night fights where I’d end up crying, throwing […]

Halfway through Day 2 and I’m still alive and have not started hallucinating yet OR eyeing Dewey’s food with envy. In fact, I’m actually feeling pretty good (and I hear Days 3-5 are even better). BUT, I want a cup of coffee so badly that I had to put my Keurig in my coat/costume closet […]

Yesterday, my friend Ellen and I hit the pool, where we realized we were in dire need of pedicures (and alcohol), so we hightailed it to Passion salon before closing, then walked (carefully) across the street to Barcelona for half-price wine Sundays (duh). We chose some bold hues for our toes and we pleased with […]

**Through January 2014, the sign-up code below gets you $20 off your first ride instead of $10!** I have so passionately despised the Atlanta cab system for the entire eight years (omg, I’m old) that I’ve lived in this city. Not only are they the most expensive cabs in the country (besides like, Hawaii or […]

I don’t think you guys fully understand my obsession with Mexican culture, mainly the food, the drinks, and the accessories. Which is why I think Cinco de Mayo is the best holiday ever, better than St. Patrick’s Day, Flag Day, Arbor Day, and even……..Christmas. Oh, I said it. Here’s why. 1. The headwear. Stupid Santa […]

Clearly two of my great loves in life are alcohol and beauty, yet I haven’t created my own line for either of those things. (WHAT THE F*CK AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?!) Well, Drew Barrymore has both and they’re totally legit (unlike this mess). Her Italian Pinot Grigio is quality, crisp, and delicious AND […]

As I watch my favorite AT&T commercial, I realize that adorable little girl truly understands… …the way I feel about vodka.

When I told people I was co-hosting a baby shower, they either A) Laughed, B) Held back laughter, or C) Just looked confused. Well guess what, you guys, some of my besties are knocked up, and while I know my talents lie in bachelorette, sex toy, and holiday party planning, I can still contribute to […]

As if we need reasons. But here they are anyway. 10. Because you’re on vacay. Bitch. 9. Because you’re NOT on vacay. Like the rest of us. #FYL #FML 8. Because you’re craving chips and guac. And you can’t have chips and guac without margs. 6. Because Jimmy Buffet is playing and you can’t listen […]

That was a lot of s’s. Anyway, it’s three weeks into the new year and you’ve been busting your booty working out and eating right (or at least have been thinking about it). It’s officially time to treat yourself, so this Saturday, I’m hosting yet another Les Nouvelles’ shopping extravaganza! This is where you’ll find to-die-for […]

Never before has there been something so revolutionary that merges the fashion and drinking worlds than Cynthia Rowley’s flask bangle ($225). Behold: And you thought the wine bra was cool. Not only is this piece of genius jewelry incredibly cute and functional, but it’s made by a legitimate, awesome designer. If you’re a big drinker, […]

TGIF, ladies and gents. Here at Witty + Pretty HQ, we’ve I’ve had a busy week and think it’s high time we put to-do lists and stress aside and feast our peepers on some sweet eye candy. Work schmerk. The weekend begins NOW. 1. Happy hour. What’s better than spiked cider? A spiked cider float. […]

Last week, I was in New Orleans for a press trip where I basically ate and drank my weight in delicious food and cocktails (more on that in a later post), stayed in the newly renovated W Hotel in the French Quarter (I wanted to move in), dropped and cracked my iPhone because I was […]

*Click “Continue Reading” below if video doesn’t load.* I incorporate alcohol into about 98% of my CBS Better Mornings segments, so am obviously known on the set as the boozehound/party girl that starts throwing ’em back at 9 a.m. This week, I decided to fully embrace my reputation and do an ALL BOOZE segment. Check it […]

Attention all my soul sisters (and brothers) who want to be skinny without ever sacrificing booze! It’s time for another LCVC (low-cal vodka cocktail)! (Speaking of, is it 5:30 yet?) This is the easiest one yet–with only two ingredients, you can make it with your eyes closed and one hand tied behind your back. But […]

Ahhhh summer. A time for trips to the beach, wearing less makeup, questionable decisions, and fruity drinks. There is nothing I love more than the perfect marriage of pineapple and coconut in a pina colada, but the sad truth is that they are jam-packed with sugary calories and can give you an adult tummy-ache after […]

The dentist: Not fun. Three-cocktail buzz in the middle of the day: Fun. Deciding precisely when to end your buzz and having no hangover whatsoever: Sign me up. All these things come together with sedation dentistry (ie. getting nitrous oxide during an exam), which is exactly what I headed to Goldstein Dental Center to investigate. […]