My friend and favorite bartender (besides my brother) at the best bar/restaurant in the Universe (The Starboard in Dewey Beach) came out earlier this year and wrote a simple, heartfelt, humorous, perfect post on Facebook about it, which got nearly 1,000 likes (bet that’s more than any engagement/baby/new job/#blessed post you’ve seen in your newsfeed […]

It’s your birthday, Facebook, You kinda’ make us gag… Here’s a little status update rhyme, Surprise: It’s YOU we tag! Happy #HumpDay you say! Feeling so #blessed! I have no idea who you are, But I’ll accept your friend request. That’s a great picture, Of your abs in the mirror, Thrilled to hear about your […]

Since Tom (aka Selfie Tom) and I make fun of report on the fine folks of social media in writing on the reg, we figured we’d give it a go via video. What a disaster.

New moms on Facebook. The phrase alone can strike fear into the hearts of childless Internet users everywhere. They fill up your newsfeed with their belly selfies and updates (Guess what?! Little Tyler is the size of an avocado today!!!!!) and 7203810974523753 baby pics daily, and at times, they seem to have lost all regard […]

We live in a day and age where couples get engaged and their first thought is “I can’t wait to post on Facebook!” instead of “I can’t wait to call my friends and family!” You know it’s true. And with that territory comes status updates that are more barf-tastic than a Jared Galleria of Jewelry […]

What a week it’s been! Honey Boo Boo premiered, Twilight fans are still sobbing themselves to sleep because Bella cheated on Edward, and more hookups went down in Olympic Village than a Vegas porn convention. It’s time for another roundup of five happenings/observations/thoughts from the week that I hope you can relate to. Last week […]