Chances are you know some badass women who have battled breast cancer, and this month (and every month!) we honor them and what they’ve overcome. Our health and fitness gal Cara led a pink Flywheel class this week with songs by (who else but) Pink and other inspirational tunes. A) I loved the idea so I […]

Ashley Hesseltine Running

Whether you’re a marathoner, sprinter, 5K “fun runner”, or one of those people who crush a 1/2 mile then head to happy hour, you can’t deny that the ahhh-mazing weather this time of year brings out the Kenyan (not to be confused with Kanye) in all of us. But sometimes you need more motivation than […]

early morning spinning

I’m a certified night owl. I’ve always been able to stay up into the wee hours and function on minimal sleep, but as of late, I’ve fallen into a pattern of working really late at night when there are no email/G-chat/social media/text distractions and hitting the sack around 2-3 a.m. (or later, ugh). I’ll still […]

Where else are you going to find a sweet 60-song playlist guaranteed to get you pumped up with a mix of artists ranging from Calvin Harris to Wyclef to CHVRCHES to Justin Timberlake (his latest tune, duh) to Eve to Zedd to 2 Chainz to Krewella to Sisqo (oh YOU KNOW) to Robin Thicke? Call […]

When Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” came out, I just about died. Now I’m literally dead. (Who knows what literally means, anyway?) This Swedish DJ/producer is changing the EDM game (that’s “electronic dance music” for you “out-of-touch” folks) with his #dope sounds and mixing talents, and it’s resulting in tracks perfect for running, workout out, dancing […]

Do you shy away from heart rate monitors because you’re not sure how to use one? Is it the chest strap or bulky, ugly watch that turns you off?  Are you confusing it with a pacemaker and don’t think you need one for at least another 40 years? (NEWSFLASH: They’re very different.) For me, it […]

Challenge: Start this playlist and try to sit still. You. Just. Can’t. The most recent Spotify mixtape from our FLY-girl Cara (with a handful of additions from moi) is so damn good, I can barely take it. And the first song “Am I Wrong”…I die. Then you’ll get some Ellie, Calvin Harris, Akon (a romantic, […]

I’m a water snob. And no, I don’t mean in the “I only drink Smartwater or Fiji” way. I mean that my taste buds are very sensitive when it comes to H2O, so I prefer top-notch aqua from a spring or a good filter. For the record, I think Dasani is gross and it’s actually […]

We’ve all come home from a vacation feeling like a total unhealthy slob after days and eating and drinking, then it takes the same length of time AS the vacation (or longer!) to get back on track. But it doesn’t have to be like that! Don’t worry–I’m not suggesting you plan out a workout regime […]

When I’m at a Mexican restaurant eating chips and salsa, guac, and/or queso (usually all three), there is no such thing as portion control. Instead, I exercise Cantina Control and only go to Mexi restos when I’m okay with a binge-fest because it’s always inevitable.  But that’s just me. As for who CAN control herself, […]

If you’re anything like me, nothing motivates you for a workout like good music (and alcohol on the other side). W+P health and fitness expert (and secret DJ) Cara, has curated a badass list of tunes (I added a few, too) to get you through that run/spin class/P90X/Prancercise session. Start listening and you just might get […]

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect sports bra. As a modest 34C (or so the experts tell me), I don’t need the MOST intensive support, but I do NOT like the girls to be bouncing around when I’m exercising as that means they are losing collagen/elasticity, which leads to sagging (NOOOOO!). I picked […]

When I was in my young to mid-twenties, vacation meant drinking as much as possible, making out with at least one (or four) random dudes, and doing absolutely nothing responsible like answering work emails or exercising. But these days, I’m more into fitness and maintaining my bod while on vacay so I don’t come back […]

Everyone is always looking for new workout and/or pre-game and/or party tunes; am I right? For example, a friend posted on Facebook the other day: “Need song suggestions for my new workout CD!” But wait…CD? Is she finding songs on Napster and burning them onto an actual compact disc? Does she bring a Discman to […]

It’s bikini season, yet it’s also vacation boozing and cookout season. What…a cruel joke. I have already scarfed down more hamburgers and chugged sipped more beers in a two-piece than I’d like to admit, but that’s beside the point. Bottom line: We still gotta’ get our fitness on. And most of us want attire that makes […]

If there’s anyone I know who doesn’t come back from a weeklong vacation at the beach looking the slightest bit bloated, it’s W+P health and fitness expert Cara Weaver. Bitch. I mean, look at her stomach sitting on the beach. I can’t even… She shares her secrets here. And if you don’t like physical activity […]

You got your ass up for the gym (or skipped happy hour for it), are dropping dough to be there, and killin’ it in your fly performance gear. So why screw yourself (and your bod) when it comes to the actual workout? Our fitness expert Cara Weaver demonstrates the do and don’ts when it comes […]

I consider myself a pretty fit person. I Flywheel/Flybarre five-ish times a week (and yes, do back-to-back classes), run regularly, do yoga, and am always sampling new workouts. I’ve done CrossFit (well, twice), have run two half marathons (which equals a full, right?), and can dance for at least five hour straight (if given enough Red […]

You know those girls who are super fit and hot, and on top of that, they’re holding down an awesome job AND a family, and on top of THAT, they’re actually genuine, nice, and fun? It’s like, are you human? Well get ready to meet one in real life: Cara Weaver, Witty + Pretty’s newest contributor, […]

I have worn the same style of Nike running shoe since 2008 (seriously, I think I’ve gone through 11 pairs), so it was a big step (no pun intended) to try something new. But I’ve been hearing about and seeing Newtons amongst the Atlanta fitness crowd (plus Flywheel founder Ruth swears by them), so last […]

Get ready, friends. I’m about to profess my undying love. For a workout, not a guy. (C’mon, you know me better than that.) If you read this blog, you know how obsessed I am with Flywheel Sports. The Atlanta location opened a little over a year ago and I’ve been going regularly ever since (and […]

…and plumbers’ crack…and drawing attention to your problem areas with the loudest prints ever… PRESENTING: Tracy Anderson’s workout pants! I took one look at these RIDICULOUSLY LOW RISE cropped leggings ($60) and two words came to mind: MUFFIN. TOP. However, if you read the description, it states “Smooth, wide waistband–absolutely no muffin top” not once…but […]

The NCAA Final Four is in my home city of ATLANTA this weekend, so even though my alma mater Clemson isn’t in the tourney (ha, like that would happen), it’s still really exciting. Oh, and I went to a Conan taping yesterday and it was a basketball-themed show so it got me even more pumped. […]

The beauty and fitness Gods were smiling (make that grinning from ear to ear) on Atlanta when they placed Flywheel Sports right next to Drybar. Which means you can do a little dance we like to call “fly and dry”–get your sweaty spin on, then walk next door and let someone else wash and blow […]