At this point, me telling you I’m hair-obsessed is like telling you vodka makes you prettier. WE ALL KNOW ALREADY. And as of late, I’ve been seriously oil-obsessed (remember this post just last week?). So let’s talk oil + hair. Unless you have the thinnest, finest, most oily hair on the planet, chances are you can […]

There is nothing wrong with being bleach blonde in the dead of winter (especially if you live somewhere warm all year round…bitch). But lots of ladies who lighten their locks in the summer want to go a tad darker when football season (A.K.A. fall) starts rolling in. I recently saw my hair whisperer Mandy Gispert […]

If you’re a regular W+P reader, first of all: I love you. Second of all, you probably know I’m on a constant mission to bring my hair to its maximum potential. And I thought I had all the tools and tricks…until I received my Harry Josh pro dryer. Now, this is a $300 piece of […]

Dear dry shampoo, How do you know me so well? How do you know that it will be Thursday night and I’m planning to work out, shower quickly at the gym sans hair washing, then grab a quick, casual bite with girlfriends and go home, but then I’ll have a couple glasses of wine at […]

When the sock bun came out and some of my friends were galavanting around town with these big, perfect updos, I had a tantrum. Not only was I not coordinated/talented enough to master the technique, my hair wasn’t thick enough to make it work. Every sock bun post on Pinterest was like, “See? It’s easy!” and […]

Gals who have hair, get ready: This one is a doozy. First of all, if you’re not familiar with celebrity stylist Harry Josh, he does Gisele’s hair, Rose Byrne’s hair, and many other models/actress locks you’ve lusted for. He recently developed his own hair tools, which includes a blow dryer (review to come on that […]

I feel so very #blessed I have not encountered a hair salon that charges EXTRA for a blowdry on top of cut and/or color. Because that is just It’s a douche move. I’m assuming it’s snobby/pricey salons that are doing this in the first place, which means you’re already spending $309439405839045 on cut/color, then they […]

I have been to New York Fashion Week once, and that was enough for me. Until I’m famous enough to get front row seats to the hottest shows with cocktails included and not have to wait in line, I’ll pass. In other words, I guess that first time was my last. But I do enjoy […]

Exactly a year ago, I was having a personal problem. Not quite as bad as Al Roker crapping his pants in the White House…but close. My hair had turned to shit (no pun intended). Don’t get me wrong; I never had ridiculously lovely lady locks like Connie Britton or Beyonce’s weave, but it was good […]

Loading the player … Here’s the deal: Toyota Corolla lent me a 2014 whip for the weekend and encouraged me to pick up my girlfriends and ride around town. I was like, duh. Any chance to drive something other than my 2003 Xterra with (dog) fur-covered back seats and the “Service Engine” light on, I’ll […]

blow shower cap

I don’t know about you gals, but I definitely don’t wash my hair every day…or even every other day most weeks (insert Emoji face here). When showering sans shampoo, I put it in a bun, but as we all know, the steam and humidity can wreck a blowout and give you a frizz-fro quicker than you […]

Our dude contributor Trey (aka Tough Love Tom) told me he was heading to the waxing salon (for his back, brows, b-hole, who knows) and asked if I wanted to do lunch after. Big mistake. Instead of meeting him for sandwiches and girl talk, I busted up in the salon with my video camera during […]

If you can believe it, I was quite the demanding (and too smart for my own good) child. So when I was about to enter first grade (GRADE SCHOOL, BITCHES!), that meant it was time for a grownup hairdo, which in 1989, was obviously a perm (or a “permanent” as the salon professionals would say). […]

Mousse is a staple in my hair product arsenal, but some ladies have FOTF (fear of the foam) or don’t feel it’s necessary. But when it comes to volumizing and texturizing (is that a word?), you can’t deny its superpowers; and with the right one, you’ll get nothing but lovely lady locks (never crunchy ’90s […]

No one likes waking up with wild, nappy, tangled bed head. Well, unless you’re really hungover because then it makes for a hilarious Snapchat. (Okay, so I don’t use Snapchat, but I assume that’s what it’s for.) I used to be hesitant to sleep with my hair up, but now (after consulting numerous experts to […]

Don’t worry, friends and faithful (or occasional) readers: This blog isn’t turning into a running photo montage of me. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t know how those fashion bloggers do it. Most workdays, I’m in workout pants and a sports bra with a disheveled ponytail and no makeup. Fellas, […]

Hello friends! Hayden here of Pretty in my Pocket; you may know me from guest posts like hot, neon lips and how not to have a frizz fro. This time around, I’m giving tips on how to land that perfect beachy hair…while Ashley is at the beach probably doing it the natural way right now (bitch). So […]

It’s summer…and your hair knows it. Guest blogger Hayden of Pretty In My Pocket is back at it, telling us the best products to keep our hair as smooth as a Justin Timberlake tune when humidity is high (because that Friends episode still haunts us ladies who have potential for frizzy situations…) Summer boosts several […]

In case you didn’t know, Chelsea Handler is my #1 idol and inspiration. I think she is so incredibly talented, down-to-earth, and a genuinely good person. We share the same passion for vodka (and alcohol in general), our dogs look alike, AND we have the same middle name, Joy. Her hilarity and comedic genius go without saying. […]

Ladies with cheap blowdryers: If you’re not ready to part with that tool for a pricier piece, stop reading right here. But if you’re considering dumping the zero and getting with a hero, carry on… I’ve fluctuated between expensive and cheap blowdryers for the past decade or so. I even did a post on the […]

Remember the tears in my eyes during my first bikini wax? (If not, click HERE.) It absolutely has gotten better over time, but let’s be real–you’re ripping hair out of your skin in a sensitive area, so (some sort of) pain is a given, ESPECIALLY if you’re going Brazilian. I consulted two of Atlanta’s top […]

Despite the fact that I’m often rocking a ponytail, disheveled bun (I still can’t master the sock bun #FML), or hat (when I haven’t shampooed in a couple days), I do consider my hair an asset. You know how some lucky bitches ladies love their naturally long lashes or 24-inch waists? Well I’m proud of my […]

Girls take a lot of pride in (and spent a lot of money on) their hair. Coloring, highlights, blowouts, Keratin treatments, extensions, fancy products, expensive straighteners, clip-on bangs (ahem, Kim K.), the list goes on and on. Many girls claim hair to be their best features and what makes them feel pretty and feminine when […]

Hey ladies. We need to discuss something and it has to do with your lovely locks (especially if they’re color-treated). But first, I need to give some virtual love to The Hair Whisperer himself, Drew Delaney of Velvet Salon, who A) is featured in this month’s Allure with a 5-star rating (!!!), and B) brought me […]