Maybe it’s because it’s on a Saturday, maybe it’s because social media gets more out of control every year minute, or maybe it’s because I did an 8-minute TV segment on it (in which I got called out for my Tindering), but Valentine’s Day is on steroids AF this year. Not to mention I just […]

Pumpkin season is great and all, but peppermint season is what I live for. Why do you think it’s the last month of the year? It’s literally the headliner for the entire year in flavor profiles. So when DeKuyper put me up to task of creating a holiday cocktail, there was one ingredient and one […]

‘Tis the season for sequins, scarves, mistletoe, parties, cookies, red wine, weight gain, and most of all…..GIVING. I can’t provide you with any tips to avoid the December Six (pounds) because I literally have no idea, but I can tell you what to get for the ladies in your life this holiday season. If you’re […]

I love Halloween. Like, really really (add 12 more reallys) love it. When you were little, it was an excuse to get dressed up, get attention, act silly with your friends, and eat candy until you passed out. Now it’s an excuse to get dressed up, get attention, act silly with your friends, and drink […]

Oh, April Fool’s. We have a love-hate relationship because my mom used to get me EVERY YEAR when I was a kid. I remember her waking me up at the tender age of oh, 7, and convincing me my hair had turned green overnight. Full blown tears before I could get to a mirror. But […]

Jean shorts, dirty feet, Cheeto-colored spray tans, bra-less nipples, day drinking, $12 beers, sweat ‘staches, and food stands frying every edible object possible. That’s right, lovers and losers: It’s FESTIVAL SEASON. And your ol’ friend Tom is here to discuss it. Running from spring through summer, this jovial season is composed of EDM festivals, beer […]

Let’s be honest: Valentine’s Day is really kinda’ dumb. But maybe that’s just because I’m single. Actually, no. If I had a boyfriend, I would suggest we not celebrate the Hallmark holiday by getting wine drunk, eating pizza, and watching Superbad on the couch naked. What? But whether you’re executing a kinky evening complete with […]

New Year’s resolutions. What a disaster. Now I know some of you losers fine folks actually love New Year’s resolutions and some of you loathe them, but let’s all agree they NEVER WORK. Show me the bastard who sets decent resolutions and keeps them a full year. It has never happened in the history of humans. […]

New Year’s Eve: The best excuse for sequin dresses, sparkly nails, and getting champagne drunk and making out with a random. (Duh.) Behold these manicures from Buff Nail Bar perfect for ringing in 2014. (PS, how the f*ck is it 2014?) Fab Foil Newsflash: Foil isn’t just for your Christmas dinner leftovers. I love how […]

I snagged my New Year’s Eve dress a few weeks ago, and it’s currently being altered (I definitely felt a little skanky taking it to the sweet, little Asian lady and telling her it needed to be shorter). But I digress. My blogging bestie Becky from The Pumpkin Spot is back with a guest post […]

Ladies, even if you’re a Hot Topic-shopping, Boone’s Farm-drinking, acrylic nail-getting, Golden Corral-eating gal, there is hope for you to look like Kate Middleton yet. (And I really hope none of you readers personally identified with that description.) There is one item of outerwear that will make you look classy even if you are wearing […]

Forget Bound 2 parodies (so two weeks ago), articles about selfies (so last month), and Doge (WTF is that anyway?). The best thing on the Internet, especially around the holidays, is Home Alone analysis. OBVIOUSLY, Home Alone is the best holiday movie ever made (although I still can’t watch Marv step on those broken ornaments […]

I. Love. This. Playlist. As usual, it was mostly curated by our fitness expert/thinspiration Cara Weaver with a few doozies added by moi (ie. “Money Ain’t a Thang–forgot how dope that jam was) and it’s made for running, kickboxing, CrossFitting, Jazzercising, or just seeing how fast you can crush Christmas cookies at a holiday party. […]

Happy Twerky Day, y’all. I’m sorry. *GIF initially appeared on Reddit’s WTF and later was tweeted by Zach Braff.

Put on some slow jams, grab your lotion/lube (or whatever), and get ready for a whole lotta’ lust. It comes courtesy of a friend who I both love and hate because she posts pictures that make me hate my life since I’m not eating what’s she’s eating, force me to lick my computer screen (not […]

LUCKILY by the grace of God, I was texting during The Voice last night and neglected to fast forward a commercial break. In between sending Emojis and confessing how many of these I had just eaten to my girlfriends, I heard a familiar Christmas tune, looked up, saw hot guys in their underwear, and was […]

Oh, Movember. The time of year when dudes transform their faces to look like sexy(ish) hipsters, ’70s porn stars, or rapey molesters. And according to this video and my own personal belief system, November 18 is Have Sex With a Guy With a Mustache Day.   So, mustached men who enjoy intercourse, please send me a […]

Holy Moses, it’s (almost) Halloween! Nerds, geeks, dweebs, dorks, and smoking hot chicks UNITE! It is our time! Grab your Star Trek pajamas and let’s rage. Dudes with awesome muscles and great hair: Stay home or wear a snowsuit. Although we know you’ll just wear the same costume you wear every year (Trojan warrior, no […]

I remember like it was yesterday: I had just moved to Atlanta in 2005 and was an UNPAID INTERN at Jezebel Magazine and they sent me to Phipps Plaza (read: rich person mall) to pick something up. After I completed my task, I was in Saks browsing the handbag section (my first mistake) when a […]

A couple things about me… 1. I’m a candle critic. I’ve bought or received too many damn candles that smell delicious, then you light them and the scent is barely strong enough to fill a cardboard box (not that you should be lighting candles in cardboard boxes). FYI, this means they’re shitty and cheap. When […]

Labor Day = Booze, Barbecues (or at least patio dining), not working (#hallelujah), and……SALES. The good news is that you’ll probably be drinking this weekend which will make breaking out that credit card and putting it to use MUCH easier. That’s also the bad news. Also, if you haven’t started shopping for fall yet…it’s time. […]

Listen, America. My 30th birthday is in 5 days and here you are, trying to overshadow my milestone with your barbecues, fireworks, road races, and drunk people. But don’t you think for one second that I won’t have all of those things (in some capacity) at my birthday. ESPECIALLY the drunk people. (And the road […]

I don’t think you guys fully understand my obsession with Mexican culture, mainly the food, the drinks, and the accessories. Which is why I think Cinco de Mayo is the best holiday ever, better than St. Patrick’s Day, Flag Day, Arbor Day, and even……..Christmas. Oh, I said it. Here’s why. 1. The headwear. Stupid Santa […]

Oh Easter. A time for (boozy) brunch, candy bingeing, and people who never go to church turning religious for a day. We can all agree that this holiday is THE BEST for candy, but it can get overwhelming when you’re deciding what will be worth the inevitable adult tummy-ache. Let’s break it down in no […]