DAY 1: ONE WEEK LATER: We did it! And I only cheated once with one cup of coffee. Ok, twice. Ok FINE, I also had two glasses of wine on Friday night before the cleanse was TECHNICALLY over, but I pretended it was beet juice, so it’s ok (right??). Friends, this 5-day juice cleanse was […]

I have a confession. Yesterday…on day 4 of the 5-day juice cleanse…I cheated. I had to come clean to my partner in juicing crime… You guys, when the coffee was brewing and the smell hit my nostrils, I really did feel like my 19-year-old self getting into a bar with my fake ID and catching […]

Liza and I are officially on Day 4 of the Roots juice cleanse and we got 99 problems, but overeating ain’t one. I’ll be honest–I am feeling pretty awesome. I’m clear and focused, have plenty of energy, and my abs are looking more defined by the day. (I’m sure a lot of you are wondering […]

I’m four hours into my five-day juice cleanse and already fantasizing about Kind bars. (Don’t worry, I think the burger/pizza/red velvet cake fantasies start during Day 3.) Lord help me. Why am I doing this, you ask? Well, why not? I figure it never hurts to pump your body full of healthy goodness, and more […]