Compensation was provided by Sally Hansen® via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Sally Hansen®. Confession: I haven’t been to the nail salon in months and I’m proud of it. I have really been werking my at-home mani skills, and […]

I treat my nails like my wine preference: Dark in the winter, light in the summer. Sure, you can rock any nail color any time of year if you do it with confidence, but once chilly weather hits, I reach for those charcoals, hunter greens, blacks, and burgundies. Cajun Shrimp, you can hibernate until (at […]

Here’s the deal with mani/pedis and me: I’ll go the salon with a friend so we can catch up, talk about boys, and drink wine (complimentary at Passion) then go drink more wine (across the street at Barcelona). Have I been boozing at the Barcelona bar for hours whilst wearing those disposable flip-flops? Maybe. Numerous times. […]

With all the fancy, new-fangled beauty brands out there, it’s easy to forget about the old guys. Estee Lauder? Sounds like a grandma. And is Avon still a thing? Or just the next hot celebrity kid name? And then there’s Clinique–maker of that giant bar soap (what a bitch to travel with) and old-school yellow […]

New Year’s Eve: The best excuse for sequin dresses, sparkly nails, and getting champagne drunk and making out with a random. (Duh.) Behold these manicures from Buff Nail Bar perfect for ringing in 2014. (PS, how the f*ck is it 2014?) Fab Foil Newsflash: Foil isn’t just for your Christmas dinner leftovers. I love how […]

Do you want your nails to look like Christmas tree decor? Of course you do. Since this month tends to be busy with parties, shopping, eggnogging, etc., we decided to keep it easy and chic, but still merry and bright. The Gold Garland is a gel manicure so it will last for weeks, and the […]

We’ve said sayonara to sandals and are embracing cute boots…but what does that mean for our pedicures? If you’ve ever put on shoes and socks after thinking your polish is dry (when it’s not), you know it sucks to waste an hour (and $20 or more) only to end up with smeared toes. So what’s […]

I’m just going to say it. If you are still getting French manicures, you are stuck in the ’90s-early 2000s (or the trailer park). If you are getting French manicures with ACRYLIC NAILS, please MySpace me so we can have an intervention. I know brides still keep this old-school trend alive and I’m sure some […]

It’s a new month, which means we get extra creative at Buff and create a one-of-a-kind manicure. Introducing: The Deep V. Inspired by old Hollywood glamour, it’s our modern take on a simple, chic color palette. We used Butter London in Union Jack Black ($15) and RGB’s White ($18) to create a freehand-painted (yes, the girls are that good!) […]

We already know nails can make or break an outfit (duh) and your Halloween ensemble is no exception. If you’re anything like me, you wait until the 31st to figure out a costume and usually end up being a cross between a streetwalker and a character from The Matrix. In this case, great nails are […]

It’s official: Fall is here (and I’m not ready). I haven’t even switched out my closet yet, but I suppose I better get on it because colder temps are here to stay. But with the change of season not only comes a change in fashion, but also in beauty routine. When it comes to my […]

I am so excited to reveal our favorite new find: NAIL. CHARMS. They have an early ’90s vibe going (Cher totally wore ones that said “As if” in Clueless; you just couldn’t tell), but they’re certified retro cool. Want to subtly tell someone to F off? Show the world you’re awesome? Or rich? Or just a […]

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It’s breast cancer awareness month (duh), which means #AllPinkEverything! Not only are there fun, new products to scoop up, but you’re giving back to an important cause when you buy them. Talk about a no brainer. Pretty In My Pocket chose some of their fave give-back goodies, so I had to share. Get ye to […]

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We’re always looking for ways to make a manicure last. Gel is a go-to for lots of gals, but we’re not big fans of using it on a long-term basis. It can weaken and wreck your nails if not removed properly (ie. peeling it off when it starts to chip), and of course, there’s the […]

I’m always stoked for the start of fall. First of all, because we get a break from the oppressive summer humidity, and secondly, because we can start wearing scarves, jackets, and (most importantly)….boots. Love it. I also adore the season’s color palette–all the oranges, yellows, golds, deep greens, and browns. The sunlight filtering through the […]

Last week was the end of New York Fashion Week, and obviously I was scoping out the nails–mostly because I love to see the trends, but partially because the recent relocation of my business means the only thing I can actually afford to buy off the designer runways is nail polish. In an effort to entertain […]

You know what time it is! Another #ManiMonday (wish it was Sunday) with a post by our nail guru, Myka… Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or like, Antarctica), chances are you’ve seen, heard of, or possibly even tried nail wraps. If you haven’t, they are exactly what they sound like: Stretchy plastic or […]

Put your (manicured) hands in the air! We’re introducing a W + P weekly special and it has to do with…drumroll please…wait, you already you guessed it…NAILS. The Monday mani (and sometimes pedi, too) will be compliments of Myka Barbato, owner of BUFF nail bar in Atlanta, nail guru, and ridiculously stylish person in general. […]

Yesterday, my friend Ellen and I hit the pool, where we realized we were in dire need of pedicures (and alcohol), so we hightailed it to Passion salon before closing, then walked (carefully) across the street to Barcelona for half-price wine Sundays (duh). We chose some bold hues for our toes and we pleased with […]

Nails Inc.’s Porchester Square polish was collecting dust in one of my beauty bins until this past Saturday when I decided to whip it out and do my own nails (yes, it happens on the reg), for a friend’s wedding. I had a feeling it would complement my bridesmaid dress perfectly. And I had a total […]

I do get manis on the reg (what else are you going to do after a boozy brunch?), but I actually enjoy painting my own nails, too. I love picking out a color from my collection, and I find the process to be rather relaxing and a perfect activity to do while half-watching mindless reality […]

For us females, every once in a while (or once a day), we see someone’s nails on Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, or happy hour that stop us in our tracks, and we have to ask, “OMG, what color is that?!” or “Who did your nail art?” Well yesterday, my friend Heather was in this situation and […]

I still can’t believe there was a character in a (non-pornographic) film named Pussy Galore. But anyway. OPI has released 6 new shades to celebrate 50 years of Bond girls and they’re of the “Liquid Sand” variety, which means a texturized, grainy/sparkly look to make your fingers more fun. I especially love the beige-goldish Honey […]

My bestie Kate and I got manis last week at Sugarcoat and both opted for pink nails with a sparkly gold accent nail. I’m really loving this color combo for the spring/summer, especially with gold jewelry: (Obviously we hashtagged this pic on Instagram with #BestFriendHands.) You can go pale pink like me or magenta-ish like […]