When I was in college and my early twenties, I went out (read: got drunk) like, a lot. And out of the 2304982011239 wild nights on the town, you want to know how many times I came home and took my makeup off? Three. Okay, two. In my LATE twenties (blah), I got a lot […]

You’re probably familiar with EOS’s super-cute lip balm balls (if you don’t own one, surely a girlfriend has pulled one out at happy hour and you were all, “OMG, what is that and why are you rubbing it on your lips?!”). These colorful spheres are beloved by many because they’re ultra moisturizing, organic, have delicious […]

Hey laaadies! If you love to shave, raise your hand in the air! That’s what I thought. Not an armpit in sight. I recently completed my last session at WIFH (Atlanta’s finest laser hair removal institute) and will barely ever have to shave my underarms again! No stubble, no five o’clock shadow, just baby smooth pits […]

Another guest blogger, whaaaa?! The Witty + Pretty party just keeps getting better, and in the words of the renowned poet Pitbull, “Don’t Stop the Party” (ie. keep reading). I met Lauren virtually through a friend (thanks David!) and guest blogged on her site, Strictly Nutritious, last week (about booze, shocker). While her awesome blog […]

Having soft skin is really important if you ever want anyone to touch you. And since I do (and assume you do, too) I am always on the hunt for the best lotions to make my naturally dry skin as soft and moisturized as possible without a funky smell, greasy residue, or hefty price tag. […]

Happy 2013, beautiful people! Have you recovered from New Year’s Eve yet? (I just did.) Witty + Pretty DID take a holiday break, but we’re back and have lots of badass beauty booty planned for 2013. First up: RESOLUTIONS. You know, like…Lose 20 pounds. Find a sugar daddy. Stop chewing Nicorette. Pay off your Nordstrom […]

ATTENTION! Stop stalking your ex on Facebook, cursing your co-worker playing the Creed Pandora station, and put down the  mimosa disguised in a coffee cup because something big is happening at Witty + Pretty HQ right now! Okay, so it’s not THAT big of a deal, but I am proud to announce my first guest […]

As I approach the big 3-0, I’ve become a little more obsessive concerned with this whole aging thing, especially in my facial region. I could talk products all day, but here are three FREE things you can do to put your best face forward. 1. Relax your face. No, I don’t mean act like you’ve […]

Take a deep breath through your nose (because no one likes a mouth breather). Can you smell that? No, I’m not talking about your vanilla desk candle (which is lovely, btw), remnants of your pumpkin spice latte, or your co-worker’s leftovers in the microwave (which hopefully isn’t any sort of fish product, for your sake). […]

Here we go again. Let’s see if I can discuss bikini-area hair removal with some sort of tact. Atlanta recently got its first sugaring salon, Sweet Peach Wax & Sugaring Studio, and I let the owner, Raquel, pour some sugar on me. Okay, so it was more like smoothing some sugar on me and there was no […]

Ever been in your boyfriend’s/guy friend’s/random hookup’s bathroom and started sampling his dude beauty products? Because I have. And there ain’t no shame in this game because there are so many awesome men’s products out there–many with more refreshing, crisper scents than flowery women’s goods AND more powerful properties. Below are dude products that are […]

Chances are you’ve heard about or seen BB creams (because they’re EVERYwhere), also known as “the secret to perfect-looking skin Asian women have been using for years.” I mean…let’s give a big thank you to whoever went over to Asia, uncovered this beauty secret those naturally-porcelained-skin ladies (lucky bitches) have been hiding, and brought it […]

I have dropped and cracked two bronzers in the last month. Yes, one incident was booze-induced, but like, at this point, someone should suspend my beauty blogger card. I use Pla Beauty’s ahhh-mazing bronzer in Cougar (rawwr) and when I dropped it the first time a few weeks ago, I tried to salvage it for […]

No, I’m not talking about sex. If you lovely readers are looking for raunchy bedroom action, pick up 50 Shades of Grey or tune into ABC’s Bachelor Pad this Monday. I’m talking about beauty, and I hate to be the bearer of gross news, but there may be aspects of your day-to-day that could use some cleanin’. Without […]

Recently, I had to grab some drugstore sunscreen in a pinch and was instantly drawn to Hawaiian Tropic’s SPF 20 Shimmer Effect Lotion. I like SPF 20 because it’s higher than 15 but less than 30. You can just call me a mathematician after that astute statement. I also like the idea of a subtle […]

Being that Atlanta is completely landlocked and hot as you-know-whats (rhymes with malls) in the summertime, I try to take as many beach trips as possible (hence my last post and the reason for a W+P weeklong break). So I’m always on the hunt for the best products for my beach bag. I’ll get to […]

Here’s the deal. You’re going to strip down, step into a silver tube with only your head poking out (what?), then the tube will fill with nitrogen that’s about NEGATIVE 270 degrees Fahrenheit (that wasn’t a typo). You will turn into a human popsicle, but in three minutes, you’ll be all done and feel stimulated, […]