As much as I loved Gisele boxing out her Internet haters with her unnaturally perfect post-baby body (FML), this video/PSA from the UK gives me a whole new level of #ChillBumps. Because we work hard, sweat profusely, kick ass, and don’t all look like Gisele doing it (because no one does…except Gisele). Enjoy, you bad […]

Guess what? I am REALLY into the World Cup. I enjoy watching the sport, and I’m invested because it’s our country playing against the WORLD and we’re advancing. It’s exhilarating. I like the camaraderie of watching with friends in a bar, but I had to admit, I probably liked the game I watched by myself […]

The Internet is a glorious place. Even if you know nothing about nothing, it can educate you to GED status. Sure, some of it will be fake and you’ll probably believe it, but so what? The World Wide Web is abuzz with World Cup madness so I compiled some of the best articles out there so […]