You know those products you discover and wonder, HOW THE HELL DID I EVER LIVE WITHOUT THIS!? This is one of them (ps, there’s a 25% discount at the bottom). Gleam Body Radiance is unlike any beauty product I have ever used. It was developed by superstar makeup artist Melanie Mills, who was the makeup department […]

You know that feeling when you work a crazy 10+ hour day…and you get home…and take your bra (or pants) off? Orgasmic. You guys. That’s how I feel when I put on my new Sanuk sandals. I have basically worn them every day since they arrived on my doorstep and I don’t know how I […]

Jean shorts, dirty feet, Cheeto-colored spray tans, bra-less nipples, day drinking, $12 beers, sweat ‘staches, and food stands frying every edible object possible. That’s right, lovers and losers: It’s FESTIVAL SEASON. And your ol’ friend Tom is here to discuss it. Running from spring through summer, this jovial season is composed of EDM festivals, beer […]

This “big-boned” Russian man in a Speedo dancercising his heart out whilst on vacay makes me happier than seeing Ryan Lochte in Speedo. Well, almost. (Watch the whole thing as he really gets going toward the end.) Now THOSE are some MOVES, people! And I think Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks (#GirlCrush) nails it […]

The Hangout Music Festival is this weekend and I could not be more excited. It’s the “luxury” music fest for us gals who don’t exactly love camping, dirt/mud, and not showering. It takes place ON THE BEACH (like, the stages are on the sand right next to the ocean), and you stay in waterfront houses/condos […]

It’s Friday, which means time to skip out of work early and get your hands on the first alcoholic beverage you can find, but it also means the Witty + Pretty Week o’ Giveaways is coming to an end (waaaahh!). I’m sad, too. I felt like Oprah this week, just on a smaller scale (both […]

LADIES. Do you remember The Most Perfect Sequin Maxi Dress of All Time!? You know the one–the most amazing honeymoon/vacay/The-Bachelor-fantasy-suite dress from Calypso St. Barth for $400? Well I never ended up getting it, buuuuuut…this weekend, I walked by The Limited and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a totally legit replica in […]

WTF, Southeast? It’s late(ish) March and we’re dealing with 40-degree temps?! No sir. Not ok. As for you folks in even colder climates like NYC, Chicago, Russia (I do have seven readers there. BOOM.), I feel for you, too. Let’s all vent together about the things we CAN’T do in this weather, because guess what? […]

Let’s be real. “Springing forward” in the time sense effing sucks. You’re out Saturday night having a grand old time thinking you have hours of vodka-drinking and cute-guy-flirting left, then all of a sudden, the lights come on, the cocktail in your hand is your last, and Mr. Hottie McTottie isn’t nearly as attractive anymore […]

After a crazy Saturday celebrating Texas Independence Day (read: any excuse to party) with large quantities of Sinless Margaritas (even Boo got wasted), this is exactly how I felt yesterday: Is that or is that not pure perfection?! Kate Spade nailed it and is the first designer (I know of) who has perfectly blended our love for colorful, […]

Last week, I fell in love at first sight. For you naysayers who say that’s not a real thing–you’re not shopping at the right places. I feel head over heels the second I saw this sequin maxi dress at Calypso St. Barth (big mistake going in there in the first place). And when I tried […]

Recently, I had to grab some drugstore sunscreen in a pinch and was instantly drawn to Hawaiian Tropic’s SPF 20 Shimmer Effect Lotion. I like SPF 20 because it’s higher than 15 but less than 30. You can just call me a mathematician after that astute statement. I also like the idea of a subtle […]

Being that Atlanta is completely landlocked and hot as you-know-whats (rhymes with malls) in the summertime, I try to take as many beach trips as possible (hence my last post and the reason for a W+P weeklong break). So I’m always on the hunt for the best products for my beach bag. I’ll get to […]

Ahhhh summer. A time for trips to the beach, wearing less makeup, questionable decisions, and fruity drinks. There is nothing I love more than the perfect marriage of pineapple and coconut in a pina colada, but the sad truth is that they are jam-packed with sugary calories and can give you an adult tummy-ache after […]

Memorial Day Weekend/Adult Spring Break 2K12 was a perfect three days of beaching, boating, dancing, drinking, costuming, and popping bottles of white zin at Applebee’s (hey, when in Rome Florida). But when some photos of me surfaced on the Web post-vacation, I realized one thing had been less than perfect. Apparently, I thought it was Spring […]

I am headed to Destin, FL this weekend with throngs of hard-partying Atlantans (not to be confused with thongs of hard-partying Atlantans, although there will be those, too) for what’s known as Adult Spring Break. It’s my first year at his momentous event, so I have been majorly preparing with no shame. I hope you’re […]