***Guest post by Lynsey of Sugar Free Ear Candy*** My most innocent girlfriend called me the other day and asked if she should get a Brazilian wax. Before I could begin laughing at the mere thought of her taking her monogrammed panties off in front of a stranger to get her virginal crotch ripped to […]

Peace up, A-town down, shawty! What? Sorry. I got excited because it’s been a minute since my last A List and I can’t wait to share some things going down in our glorious city from food to beauty to BALLS. Now that I have your attention… Bring Me Back Something French Krog Street Market, Ponce […]

Remember the tears in my eyes during my first bikini wax? (If not, click HERE.) It absolutely has gotten better over time, but let’s be real–you’re ripping hair out of your skin in a sensitive area, so (some sort of) pain is a given, ESPECIALLY if you’re going Brazilian. I consulted two of Atlanta’s top […]

Here we go again. Let’s see if I can discuss bikini-area hair removal with some sort of tact. Atlanta recently got its first sugaring salon, Sweet Peach Wax & Sugaring Studio, and I let the owner, Raquel, pour some sugar on me. Okay, so it was more like smoothing some sugar on me and there was no […]