Confession: I have been watching The Bachelor for most my adult life and I’m not ashamed. There is literally no better show to view with friends, critique, and live tweet. Sure, seasons have had their fair share of snoozy moments, but they still never disappoint with the handpicked crop of insecure/narcissistic/batshit/desperate females, Chris Harrison’s billionaire […]

OF COURSE I WATCHED THIS TRAINWRECK, HAVE WE MET? A bunch of hot, desperate singles who I kinda’ feel like I already know because I’ve been watching this damn show for a decade (FML) and they’re in my homeland(ish) of Mexico!? Set the DVR and pass me the guac. There was one really strong moment […]

What I’m about to admit is something I’m not proud of…but I know I’m not the only one. Wait for it. I HAVE BEEN WATCHING THE BACHELOR FOR 11 YEARS. Sweet Jesus of Nazareth. I haven’t even been drinking (legally) for 11 years. But yet here I am, 30 years old, getting excited about f*cking […]

When “Helzberg Diamonds in conjunction with ABC’s The Bachelorette” reached out to me to blog about tonight’s finale (or FIN-AHH-LEE as Chris Harrison would say), I asked, “Is it paid?” They said no. Then I was like, “Do I get free diamonds?” and they were like, “Negative.” And I was like, “Ok fine, I’ll do […]

…and will someone please get LL some Burt’s Bees!? Seriously, this video had me laughing out loud (I love you, Jimmy Kimmel) and I’m so disappointed in myself that I was tweeting during the Grammys about Katy Perry’s baggy gown, Faith Hill’s adult braces, and Taylor Swift’s awkward performance, dancing/singing at her seat everything, but neglected […]

The beauty and fitness Gods were smiling (make that grinning from ear to ear) on Atlanta when they placed Flywheel Sports right next to Drybar. Which means you can do a little dance we like to call “fly and dry”–get your sweaty spin on, then walk next door and let someone else wash and blow […]