Yeah yeah yeah, spring and summer are legit, but let’s be honest—fall is the best season because dudes have NFL, NCAA, and fantasy football, and chicks have EVERYTHING WE LIVE FOR. Am I wearing leggings and UGG slippers as I type this? I mean, does Obama drink lattes? Here are ten reasons to raise a glass […]

There are few things in life I love more than vodka, coconut, and the beach. Actually, maybe zero things. So when I discovered Pinnacle’s coconut vodka on my way TO THE BEACH, I flipped the F*CK out. After the liquor store employees tranquilized me and I recovered, I got my alcoholic creative juices flowing and […]

I’m Ashley and I love vodka. Shocker. But now I’m even more legit in my dedication to this majestical beverage because I’m officially a part of Pinnacle Vodka’s Cocktail Club. This means I will be drinking and posting about all its glorious flavors and concoctions throughout the summer. While Pinnacle is a lower priced vodka, it’s […]

As I watch my favorite AT&T commercial, I realize that adorable little girl truly understands… …the way I feel about vodka.

*Click “Continue Reading” below if video doesn’t load.* I incorporate alcohol into about 98% of my CBS Better Mornings segments, so am obviously known on the set as the boozehound/party girl that starts throwing ’em back at 9 a.m. This week, I decided to fully embrace my reputation and do an ALL BOOZE segment. Check it […]

Attention all my soul sisters (and brothers) who want to be skinny without ever sacrificing booze! It’s time for another LCVC (low-cal vodka cocktail)! (Speaking of, is it 5:30 yet?) This is the easiest one yet–with only two ingredients, you can make it with your eyes closed and one hand tied behind your back. But […]