After a few drinks with some ladies at the W Midtown the other night, we were drawn to The W Store like secret service agents to a Colombian whore house. If you don’t know about The W Store, know this: it’s basically the mother ship (albeit, a tiny one) of awesome, won’t-find-elsewhere accessories, gifts, beauty products, cool shit for dudes, and clothing.

For example, last year, Kate bought us these feather friendship bracelets for my birthday.

They don’t have them at the store anymore, but I went ahead and found them online for you just in case they strike your fancy.(PS, that’s Kate’s wrist with the Cartier love bracelet. Not mine. Bitch.)

Anyway, while shopping, I snagged this badass ring for $40 (originally $158). Sorry, it was the last one.

Then, something else caught my eye on the end of the accessory table, which I promptly purchased.

They’re hair ties! They’re colorful bracelets! Better yet, they’re FRIENDSHIP bracelets (not to be confused with buddy bands). The best part (aside from the sweet color scheme) is that they won’t leave a crease in your hair. PLUS, they look cool on your wrist.

You know what doesn’t look cool on your wrist? Silly Bands. So if you are still wearing those AS AN ADULT, please know that the a) the trend is over and b) it was never really acceptable for people over the age of 14 anyway. Stop embarrassing yourself and buy these.

So, The W Store has them for a measly $7 for a set of five (but it looked like they were running low–F*CK!). I was browsing online and found the same ones (by Kitsch) on for $9. And then…I hit the jackpot with this Etsy store.

I mean, whoa. Look at all those colors! Tie dye! Whaaaa!? A BEACH LOVER package!? It’s like the open bar of hair ties–I just want to grab everything in site! But I won’t. Until I lose the ones I just bought, which will probably be like, next week.

These also make great, cheap gifts and sweet party favors. You might want to throw a party just to have these as favors. Or just throw a party. Or just go out and get a cocktail right now.

Or rather, tie one on.

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