Ladies: If you had to choose between vodka and being skinny, which would you pick?

Ohmygod, totally kidding. I would never ask you to answer an impossible question like that! Which brings me to my  first featured Low-Cal Vodka Cocktail (LCVC). 

It was unveiled to me last week at the W Midtown (also the night I found those handy hair ties) by my diet guru friend Meghan. As the story goes, she was eyeing two delicious (but calorie-laden) cocktails with basil in them and decided to extract all the sugary shiz (simple syrup, sour mix, fruit juice) and have the bartender concoct this LCVC recipe:

Vodka (I prefer Tito’s, Voli in “lyte” flavor, or Kanon organic vodka, but anything middle or top shelf will do.)
Muddled basil (say, 3-4 leaves)
Soda water (equal amount to the vodka in a perfect world, but whatever the bartender prefers in his/her world)
Lime (2-3 wedges)

I’m calling it The Lean Green.

One sip and I was hooked. I gave myself the “Ashley, it’s great you just found a new obsession, but need to refrain from running around the room and Tom Cruising on the couches” pep talk.

Fast forward to last night at an amazing happy hour at One Eared Stag with about 14 girls–all in the fashion and/or media industries, all beautiful and well-dressed, all freaking fabulous. I figured it was a perfect time to introduce The Lean Green. I ordered one for myself, and a few intrigued girls asked for a sip; I gladly obliged. Next thing I knew, it was LGs for everyone and raving comments all around. Our waiter didn’t know what hit him.

So let’s address the elephant in the bar. There is the issue of ordering this drink at a place that doesn’t have basil on hand. Awwwkward. You could bring your own ( if you’re a weirdo). But I suggest calling ahead to make sure your destination has it and if they don’t, change your plans. Or stay home and make the drinks yourself.

Just kidding. But seriously.

Bottoms up!

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  1. I have plenty of basil in my basement. Ladies, feel free to come over alone and enjoy a Lean Green with me.

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  3. Six Feet Under makes this cocktail and its delish. They call it a Basil Bash. I like Lean Mean better though!

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